At Grazie

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grazie paris photo garance dore

Right now in Paris, a lot of places are inspired by New York… That were inspired by Paris.

We paid a visit to Grazie, a pizza place designed and decorated by the very chic Stéphanie Cohen.

What they wanted was to open a chic and inspiring pizzeria – and Julien, her husband, loves Italy and goes so often that almost all of the ingredients come from Italy. He goes himself to find the artisans who make the ingredients and checks in with them to see how things are made, and checking quality.

For the Cohen family, it is always a team effort, with her husband Julien, cousins and of course her mother in law,  Bonpoint founder and Merci concept store creator Marie France Cohen.

At Grazie
At Grazie


grazie paris photo garance dore

At Grazie
grazie paris photo garance dore

They also enlisted the most famous cocktail maker in France, Oscar Quagliarini to put together their list of seriously stunning beverages. They really made it feel like a New York pizza spot, creating the old look of walls to the point you almost second guessed their age & actual amount of deterioration.

It’s so funny, this trend of decorating in an old new way that’s happening in Paris.

I remember that when I moved to New York, I was super surprised the day I figured out most of the old looking places, with patina and all, were in fact decors that most of the times where not more then two years old. A thing that wasn’t done too much in Paris before.

In Paris, if a brasserie looks old, it’s probably because it’s been there for 200 years.

But these new type of places have been popping all over the place for a few years – and even if of course, my first ex-parisian reaction was to say “pffffff, it’s not what it used to be” I have to admit that when it’s well done, like Grazie, it’s a real success.


grazie paris photo garance dore

grazie paris photo garance dore

Grazie, 91 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris, France


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