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Costa Rica, it has always made me dream, but we didn’t really have time to check where we were going. We let our travel agent take care of it, they know us now.

Once we landed in San José, we hopped on a tiny plane and took off into the clouds. I’ve never been that scared in my life. I’m never afraid of flying, but here I felt so small in the storm, lost.
I couldn’t even look at Scott.

We landed in Quepos, it was raining.
Not really what we had imagined, but again, we hadn’t imagined anything.
We knew it was the end of the rainy season, that’s it.

Nobody seemed bothered by the rain, life went on.

After driving for an hour, we arrived at our hotel, called Kura, small and beautiful, right in the middle of the rainforest and on the top of a moutain.
Not a sound, except for the animals in the mist and the light rain around us. We really felt like we were in a cloud.

Green. Green all around us, miles of green, trees higher than skyscrapers, mixed with palm trees, so beautiful.

What is great is that Costa Rica is developping one of the most eco-friendly forms of tourism.
Every footprint is balanced out by their airplanes.
In that spirit, our hotel was opened very recently by a young biologist (Ale, in the picture) and her compagnion Martin. They are the nicest people in the world. The hotel is so perfectly hidden in the jungle that it’s actually very difficult to take a photo of it.

We did a lot of things. We went zipling in the mountain, we walked on large, deserted beaches. We hiked in the forest and Scott even jumped in a cascade. We saw a lot of animals. We ate a lot of ceviche. I saw the most beautiful sunsets of my life. I also shouted a bit…

And we heard howler monkeys howl, seriously freaky, listen…

(they are not mean, they are scared of men) (but SO FREAKY)

But above all, we did nothing. We started loving the rain, the mist, expecting it when the sun was too bright. The always changing skyes.
The purity of it all.

I loved it.

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