aziza azim street style garance dore photos


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I’ve been clocking Aziza’s style recently during the fashion weeks – she has this little something different you can’t help but notice.

Okay, yes, she has THOSE amazing Louis Vuitton boots, but what’s so cool is her ability to seamlessly mix them with high-street pieces like an H&M top and have you not even think twice. Plus she wears classics like the Converse with a perfectly structured, Uptown mini dress, so simple yet so perfect.

Beyond being this intriguing beauty (those cheekbones?!?!) (her parents are from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan), her background is like that of a modern-day, free-spirited Gertrude Bell. Originally from Moscow, she grew up in Key Biscane, Florida and went to boarding school in Switzerland, followed by a jaunt to NYC to attend Parsons, finally calling home somewhere between the former and the latter. Now she has a cool consulting business, which includes new designer and personal favorite Sandy Liang. Think 90s feminine rocker – much like Aziza’s personal style, come to think of it!

Maybe having an international lifestyle that takes you from one country to the next keeps your style just as varied. Is mixing high and low the new normal?

aziza azim street style garance dore photos

How would you describe your approach to style?

Absolutely effortless, and depends on the mood. Perhaps bipolar? Often I feel like dressing like a total boy and sometimes like a lady. It’s a blend between bohemian and rock chic. I prefer muted tones, and tend to collect timeless pieces. I like to buy clothes that age with time, that will look better with each and every wear.

You’re always traveling. How does your wardrobe showcase international style influences?

I go for comfort. I tend to buy clothes that are not very recognizable but can be worn in many different ways. Wherever I travel, I buy pieces that are authentic to that certain place. For example, in Spain, espadrilles; in the US, vintage t-shirts and Levi’s denim; and in France, well, Louis Vuitton!

aziza azim street style garance dore photos

Your outfits are a blend of luxury and more affordable pieces. What’s your trick in mixing the two?

Basics can be high street, but outerwear and accessories deserve a splurge. Oh, and shoes! I have a love affair with shoes.

Your favorite accessory right now?

My Hermès silk city bag. Perfect for the summer, and for traveling.

And the one item in your wardrobe that you love the most?

My thumb ring that was bought during my travels in India a few years ago. It’s a vintage Indian Victorian jewelry piece that took my breath away as soon as I saw it. I feel naked without it. Also, a huge vintage Indian scarf that goes with me wherever!

aziza azim street style garance dore photos

aziza azim street style garance dore photos

aziza azim street style garance dore photos

Look 1: Dress, Miu Miu; Sneakers, Converse / Look 2: Leather jacket, Acne; Dress, Louis Vuitton; Sneakers, Golden Goose / Look 3: Yellow top, HM; Jeans, Louis Vuitton; Bag, Louis Vuitton.


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