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Yesterday was the first day of New York fashion week.

After having a huge anxiety attack in front of my computer (I don’t know why it happens before every fashion week, it’s always like I’m about to leap into the void)(but now I have to try to be all adult about it and look like I have it all together in front of the team at the Studio)(Am I kidding myself they decripted me in one second)(Ughhh adult life)(Can you really be considered an adult if you only express yourself in parenthesis?)(hmmmm) I went to my first show, Creatures of the Wind, where I met up with Laurel.

Laurel was such a big fan of her bag, so much so that I had to ask her the story. Here’s the e-mail she sent me later on when the two of us were right next to each other waiting to get into Duckie Brown…Gottz love modern communication!

“My backpack is by Meredith Wendell! I love the green glitter straps and the woven raffia, but I really love that I can cram a sweatshirt or a pair of Bensimons in it. The only drawback is that it’s a little bulky and clumsy at parties, so apologies for anyone who’s had to stand behind me recently!”

Of course, right before taking her photo, I tagged “Backpack” on the wall (I always have my spray paint with me, as you know). Problem was that the NYPD showed up and we had to run…

Ha! Kidding. I don’t tag. I just have fun with Photoshop.

(In other news, three hours into the after + a glass of champagne and I’m doing much better)(Big hugs!!!)(Thanks Laurel!)(Cool backpack!)(Vive la fashion week!)


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