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Aaaaaand… It’s the last day of fashion weeeeek!!!

I know, just like me, you can’t just sit there and watch girls walk endlessly into infinity an beyond. You’re tired of hearing the words, “amazing,” “fantastic,” “awesome,” every four seconds. You don’t even want to sip a drop of champagne anymore.

SO! If you have :

Exhausted the 22.5 outfit possibilities that you could squeeze into your suitcase…

Seen Anna Dello Russo walk in front of you with a giant sculpture on her head in the shape of her own initials and thought it completely normal…

Talked to Grace Coddington as if she was your best friend and get super suprised she wouldn’t recognise you.

If you want to :

Go back to your favorite denim jumpsuit and never take it off ever…

Throw away all you pairs of heels, even the Prada ones you’d been dreaming about for ages.

Go to the far reaches of Texas to listen to conferences about internet’s future. Anything but clothes…

If you’ve ended up :

Getting into a fight with a security guard at a show who didn’t understand that if you were seated there, yes, right there, you could get the best pictures of the show. See yourself refused that favor. And then promised to hate that security guard for life…

Getting a piece of gum from him and joking around with each other two hours later…

Only to realize that he’s your sworn enemy two hours before…

And then realize that he probably forgot all about you too…

So if you have, in the end :

Forgot your camera in the Fendi showroom yesterday, but sent your chauffeur to go get it back right away and think that life should always be that easy.

Fell so deeply asleep in a taxi the taxi driver wouldn’t dare wake you up and think that people should always be that patient.

Danced like a maniac at a private Mary J. Blige concert at the American embassy and think that all concerts should be exactly that way.

If so, if sooooooooooo….



PS : And yes ! This is Tine & Luisa on the picture ! I saw them this morning at the Vuitton show and tell you more about them very soon !

PS2 : I actually still have so much to show you from fashion week… Including the Hermès show, as I know some of you can’t wait ! Kisses !


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