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When I discovered Delfina Delettrez’s jewelry, a few years ago, I must have made a funny face : She has the habit of representing everything that gives me the creeps:

– All right. You’re going to find out everything that scares me –

Skulls (yes I know it’s crazy, but I never liked the idea of wearing a thing with a skull on it. Imagine my terror in the last few years ? All these people wearing that… poor me!)
Spiders (I am sure you understand that one)
Eyes (I am kind of a freak when it comes to talking about inside body parts. I just can’t watch a tv show like Dr House. Worse: Nip/Tuck! I really can’t talk about that. Even, you know the people who make their fingers crack ? Ewwwww I don’t say anything but it makes me feel like I am going to faint !)

– Is that weird? –

These symbols being some of Delfina’s favorites, it took me a while to get past that and go see her jewelry.

But each time I would see her during fashion weeks, I would find her style (she wears a lot of vintage and skirts and looks like nobody else) and her presence amazing. And she would always wear a piece of her jewelry, which I always found fascinating.

Anyway, I went there yesterday and loved the way she presented, on those huge and surrealistic wigs. The jewels are incredible, and I loved the big hearts where a piece of her hair or of her daughter are incrusted… You can see the pictures clicking on the arrows.

It reminds me of Carine Roitfeld who said somewhere the she had a phobia of scissors and that looking at her archive she found that she had done a ton of fashion spreads with scissors.

I guess that’s the beauty of creation, understanding what scares us to help us see past reality…


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