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Okay, as you guys know, I’ve never been too interested in superstars.

I never know what to say to them (if I really love them, like John Malkovich, whom I met last weekend, I end up spouting off the abysmal, “I’m a big fan!” ugh, so ridiculous), and taking their photo is always super stressful (I already told you some stuff about Cannes. You always have to snap the photo in less than 3 minutes with 12 people spying on what you’re doing = perfectly natural, no biggie), seriously…
Let’s just say that shooting celebrities isn’t the goal of my life.


BUT then there’s Ed Westwick. His reputation as an actor and all-around great guy and true gentlemen precedes him (I have sources in high places, trust me) so when I was called and told that he’d be in Milan (where I was at the time, don’t even try to figure it out. My schedule has been schizo these past few weeks) as he’s the face of the new Philipp Plein campaign (you can see the campaign here), I said yeah, let’s do this. Why not.

I should add that I get the impression that a photo of him would definitely make some of you very happy :-)

And since I know Chuck Bass way better than Ed Westwick, I asked you all on Twitter to send me questions you’d want to ask him. Even if he couldn’t respond to every one of the 465 marriage requests – he responded so graciously to a few of your questions:

(PS, next time, I’ll give you all a heads up so we can prepare some more interestingly existential questions to ask, ok?)(Just so we can look smarter.)

Has Chuck Bass’ style influenced your own?

For sure, definitely. My character on Gossip Girl has a really strong sense of style. He is not afraid to express himself and wear what he wants. In my personal life now, I don’t wear a lot of bow ties, cause I feel like my character on Gossip Girl always does so I kind of run away from that a little bit more. I like to dress up sometimes,but mostly, I end up a little more casual.

(Note from Gaga: Yes, I can confirm: The British accent is to die for. I have to stop the groupie stuff because Scott still reads my blog.)

I’ve never seen your tattoos, but I hear you have a few and my readers want to know, who’s your tattoo artist?

I had one done in New York, another in Dallas, and another in New Orleans, and then the last in LA.

So you don’t have one tattoo artist???

Nope! It’s just that when the moment comes over, you rush into the tattoo parlor. But I’ve never had one done in England yet! And none in Milan as well, soooo…..

What’s your favorite movie? ??

Aaaaah, I feel like it’s such a cliché, but the Godfather 2 had everything! It’s got the atmosphere, the performances, the story… It’s quite fitting, talking about it while I am in Italy…

Your favorite song?

I Miss You by The Rolling Stones…

Voilà!!! Garance, interviewer of the stars (ahhhh, c’mon!)!!! 

So, how did you like him ?


Add yours

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