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Kids, when the Miu Miu show finally arrives, that’s when you know that the fashion week is coming to an end. It’s a good time to ask… The Big Fashion Questions :

Did I really say yes to the photographer that wanted me to jump in front of his camera the other day after the Chloé show? 

Yes. I also said yes to the team that does cinemagraph (the kind of animated gifs that you have do a moving pose for… Well it’s not easy to explain but It takes forever and you feel extra awkward doing it) I said yes to a unknown TV crew that asked me to answer some pretty weird questions and I said yes to Alexandra Golovanoff who asked me to do a huge grin in front of her camera (“Not a cute grin !” She said “Try to be VERY ugly!”)… And so I said yes to a guy who just wanted me to jump in front of his camera .

When I am tired, I have no more moral strength,

So yeah… Now’s the time. Just ask me what you want.

What’s the big mistake to not do at the beginning of fashion week?

Wear flats. When you start off with flats, wearing any pair of heels is gonna feel like climbing the Everest. Heels during this past fashion week? Not so much for me…

I have worse : I bought a pair of flat Zara shoes in a moment of desperation (“I can’t walk one more step in those heels ! Oh here, a Zara ! Cool !”) and they are super cute + super comfortable.

So not only was I on flats.

But wearing the same shoes everyday.

From Zara.

What a fashionista.

Did I succeed in doing anything with my hair ?

Nope. Fast bun, everyday. No time to do better. I am not proud.

Will I succeed in keeping my perfecta fashion week streak going all the way through Paris?

Nope. The day I got to Paris, even though I had continued on with daily running and yoga and eating decently well all through London and Milan, I forgot everything.

I had a glass of red wine, left my running shoes in my suitcase and attacked the morning croissant disaster (Morning croissant, how could i live so long without you ?)

Justification : I’m just too busy.

Reality : I’ve lost all will. Give me anything, I’ll eat it.

Was carrying two suitcases with me to try to be relatively well dressed everyday for three weeks worth it ?

Mmmmmm… No. Thanks to the crazy Indian summer we had, I think I barely used 5% of what I had packed. The elements are against my fashion icon destiny.

Did I take my bike on the plane with me from New York City ?

Question asked by… Actually quite a lot of people (???!).

No no no. I rented it, and in Paris even found a place who delivers your bike at your hotel. Isn’t that chic ?

So, with everything I have seen, do I know what I want to wear for next summer ?

No idea. I think I have a fashion indigestion… Give me a few days.

Am I becoming a party animal?


I found a dress in 5 minutes, with no added drama. I borrowed it from Gucci (I was able to close it in spite of the croissant disaster), I put my hair up with a lot of styling gel, put too much black on my eyes and there you go. I even booked a driver to not have the painful one-o-clock-looking-for-a-taxi-in-Paris-in-an-evening-gown thing, I had fun, I danced, and oooooh crap. I have nothing more to tell you it was so fun and uneventful and I am such a party animal.

Well. A party animal who went back before midnight.

Guys, it’s a good start.

I know, a start but fashion week is over, etc…

Well but look at that beautiful recap ! I am becoming a total fashion week pro ! Weeeeeell, almost.

Next season I’ll be on top of my game. I’ll even try to change my hair everyday.

All right, off to Miu Miu ! Lots of kisses and thank you so much for following fashion week with me !!!


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