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I know what you’re going to say, since we talked about it the other day in the comments about Ji Hye Park’s suspenders: overalls aren’t for everyone, you have to be super skinny, etc. Let me be the first to say that if anyone can understand, it’s me, with my very discreet body type that’s all right angles.

But that doesn’t stop me from trying one on from time to time. Every time I do, I cry laugh for two seconds, and then forget about it.

So what are we supposed to think now that people are getting creative with suspenders?

In theory, it’s a catastrophic idea to wear both suspenders on one side – it’s something a 12 year old kid might be able to pull off (Punky Brewster, are you there?)(What, you don’t know Punky Brewster?)(OMG we have to do her bio for you) but actually, here, with the neutral colors and, you have to admit, that big, genuine smile, I find it super charming.

Ok, so I’ve got three things to say about this photo:

1/ Suspenders are IN which means I am OUT.
2/ Sometimes it’s ok to go along with the weird, creative trends that pop up (remember Kriss Kross and their backwards pants? No? OMG we have to do their bio for you)
3/ And sometimes not. (Miley’s boob stickers at the Wang party were a bit TOO creative)(What do you mean it has nothing to do with suspenders?) (Ok, fine, I’m jet lagged, ok??)

What do you think?

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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