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It’s been a while now that I’ve wanted to talk to you about GREY magazine. My friend Valentina came out with it a few seasons back, completely independently. She’s done such amazing work. The editorials are inventive and sublime. She gets the most incredible photographers from Nan Goldin to Manuela Pavesi and even some young photographers that she finds herself. She mixes her vision of fashion with the talent of a her poet of a husband, Brantly.

You end up with the most amazing result, a magazine that is as sublime as it is timeless.

I wanted to ask Valentina a few burning questions…

It seems like everyone is moving to the internet these days, why did you choose to produce in print?

I’m pretty old school, and for me a magazine is a printed thing. It’s also an item people will keep on their bookshelves, it’s meant to be timeless.
Also, there is a different kind of pleasure in viewing beautiful printed images in a book than digital images from an iPad.
Both can be excellent, it’s just a different experience. I think books and digital devices can coexist.

What are the biggest challenges GREY faces?

Being able to make people understand that GREY is a fashion magazine as well as an art book.

How does GREY define beauty?

Beauty for us at GREY is realistic, very down to earth. In our editorials you can find classic beauties as well as unique models. I wish that a woman who looks at GREY will find a woman like her in one of our editorials.

Photo by Peppe Tortora

How do you measure the success of GREY?

When a photographer I really wish to shoot for GREY agrees to do it.This means that I am on the right path.

How do you find talent to work with you at GREY?

In terms of photography, I look at their personal work. If that is even better than their fashion portfolio, I’ve found the next one. In terms of writers, I ask Brantly, the other half of myself and GREY.

Photo by Nan Goldin


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