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Hello!!! So, what’s up with life?

Other than the fact that my English and French keep getting mixed up, giving me headaches and making me say weird words, life has been pretty cool since I’ve gotten back from Paris.

Now that we have the Studio, the way we work has changed, and it’s super interesting for me to find the right balance between keeping an eye on everything and letting the team have full creative freedom. Seeing them work together and have such a great time is a real joy. I hope you can sense that in the blog, even if we’re getting a little experimental sometimes (hey, that’s what a blog is for !)

Speaking of blogs, by the way, I wonder what we’ll call them ten years from now. With all the different forms they’ve taken – collaborative blogs, blogazines, Instagram, Tumblr, and all the different modes of expression and publications out there – will the word eventually disappear?

Scott and I will be talking about that and a lot of other things at my conference at FIAF this week…

The talk was sold out so it was moved to a bigger space – which means there are still a few more tickets if you want to come say hello !
I think it will be interesting to be interviewed by Scott himself! That’s a first!

Another first this week… We’re launching our newsletter!

I imagine it being like a letter from the Studio, or more like a club.

It will be there to keep you informed about what we’re doing, and things we like, and it will give us a chance to tell you more about the members of the studio. It will also have all the information you need for special events and meet-ups (tell us where you live so we can let you know when I’ll be in your area!) and lots of other things we’re brainstorming right now.
If you’d like to sign up, you can click on the newsletter box in the sidebar!!!

…Hey, by the way, we’re planning an event in New York, on the 28 and 29 of March, and it’s going to be pretty cool – mark it in your calendars if you’re in the area. I’ll tell you more about it very very very very soon.

Anyway, long story short – ever since I left, I miss Paris, and I didn’t talk to you about Paris enough while I was there. So, this week we’re doing a Paris theme.

Because, as the Americans say: Paris is always a good idea!

PS : Oh, if you’re wondering what’s in the picture, it’s a few things I brought back from Paris – a few photos taken by Sandra Semburg and Athens Streetstyle, a candy– which was the only thing I was able to save from the crazy Chanel show, a Stella keychain that was given with the invite, and an amazing pair (even though I’ve always preferred to wear my earring on only one side) of earrings by the super amazingly talented Aurélie Bidermann.

Translated by Andrea Perdue.


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