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This is the chicest hotel I’ve ever seen. It’s in Skoura (which I’ve already told you about a million times) and we spent two nights in Dar Ahlam, The House of Dreams. This place is so marvelous I could only think of one thing: coming back. I didn’t really know what to expect. We just told our travel agent a few things (Mr & Mrs Smith, really cool)(We want to go to Morocco ! We want to drive around ! And not stay in the cities too much !) and let them take care of the rest.

Take a look at the photos. Here, you arrive into a completely renovated kasbah. You’re warmly welcomed as you enter. They guide you down a dark hallway just as it was done in yesteryear. It appears that this long entrance hall allowed the women of the house time to hide themselves from strangers.

Once you’re inside, it’s just amazing. No reception, no keys to your room, no telephone, no tv, (not even internet in the room. For Internet freaks like us, it’s pretty crazy : You have to be ready to really relax. It actually feels really good) service so discreet that you really have the impression of having the house to yourself. It’s only when you need the hostess that she appears, almost like magic.

It has the most sublime decoration that isn’t at all flashy.

Meals are simple – No room service. You just say what time you want to have each meal, and where it’s placed is a surprise. And so for two days, we got to eat candlelit dinners in a bedouin tent, lunch on the banks of a river (the kind of 18 star picnic I’ve always dreamed of. You’ll see the photos) and breakfast on one of the roofs of the house, overlooking the palm trees of Skoura, which is also called “The valley of 1000 Kasbah.”

I kept saying to Scott, “This is a dream! This isn’t possible! We’re dreaming!!! And I was trying to slow down time so I could enjoy every second of it…


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