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To say that Madeline Poole has nailed taking what was once a hobby and turned it into nothing short of an incredible career – well, yes, it’s a pun but its also true.  Not many people can say they create tiny works of art painted onto fingertips on a daily basis, all while having a bit of fun along the way! When nail-art was at its peak, Madeline was at the forefront – working her magic on the fashion industries finest (and a few friends too, of course ) !

Even when the hype of intricate detailing dies down, she’s just as fluent at doing beautifully simple nails – choosing and creating that perfect shade of blue to match your favorite hue of denim. She’s the kind of girl we love, a girl who wears denim daily – like Garance, who shared her love for skinny jeans as the first part of this collaboration with Gap.

We wanted to ask Madeline just a few questions on her style, nail-art and what else, denim!

madeline poole gap garance dore photo

Madeline Poole, Editorial Manicurist & Designer 

Describe your style in 3 words. 
Eccentric, Colorful, Multidecadal

How do you like to wear denim? 
Head to toe!

What is your first memory of denim? 
Light wash, baggy, holes in both the knees – attaching a picture of me with my family’s dog at a dog show in suburban Maryland (circa 1996… I think) in my favorite pair of Gap kids jeans :-)

How is denim a part of your life today? 
I wear a bit of denim everyday – I have denim shoes, bags, jackets and pants. I’ve even done denim nails. 

Dark Denim? Light Denim? Wide leg? Skinny? What’s your go to shade and cut and why?
Shade wise I love it all – there’s a time and place for every wash. I love high waisted wide legs, flares, straight legs and low rider baggy style the best.

What do you love about denim?
Denim feels like a neutral I can wear with anything which is helpful when your closet is as colorful as mine. (And I look good in blue :-))

Why did you choose this pair of Gap jeans?
I chose these because they fit like a glove, made me feel tall and slim :-) and I’ve always loved those little vintage patch pockets on the front of pants.


MASHED POTATOES – VOLUME 1 by Mashed Potatoes on #SoundCloud

madeline poole gap garance dore photo

madeline poole gap garance dore photo

madeline poole gap garance dore photo

madeline poole gap garance dore photo

This post is in partnership with Gap


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