Miami from the Bright Side!

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And now, let’s take a look at the bright side of Miami.

  • You can buy the best stupid souvenirs ever. Sunglasses in the shape of a cocktail glass? Check. Magnets in the shape of vintage surfboards? Check. Delicious coconut treats that you will never eat because you bought it for the cool design of the box ? Check. Tee-shirts that read Kiss My Abs ? NO WAY !
  • People are very welcoming ! They like their city and they want to show it to you. In the picture, Maria who I met on the yoga class where I burnt my abs, invited me for lunch at her place to meet with all her friends, bam, just like that.
  • You can eat very good crab. Or so I’ve heard.
  • For the young ladies of my generation (meaning who’s daddys spent hours watching Miami Vice when they were young) the city reminds you of great memories AND you can send stupid postcards to your dad who will look at them with a happy tear in his eye.
  • You can go ruin yourself at the Webster, THE Miami store. Pretend your blue shirt colored your white jeans and you have nothing to wear.
  • You can have an amazing massage by a Greek god named Ben at the Standard Spa. He will stretch you in a very specific way, by pulling on your foot in one way and on you neck in one other way. You have the feeling you body is going to break in two parts, but he is still pulling. “Heeeeey hooooo my body’s gonna break in two parts !” but he is still pulling. Aaaaaaaah !!! You get out of there, you’re 3cms taller.

So if you do the math, it’s like you lost 2 kilos, right ?

  • The city is pretty amazing. The Art Deco buildings are beautiful and a lot of them still loo, vintage… Colors are crazy, and there are palm trees all over. And me, I love palm trees !!!
  • And the best for the end…

People are super welcoming !

Pharrell Williams, whom I am a fan since his first album, lives in Miami and loves our blogs (!!!). He saw we were around and so he invited us to spend the afternoon at his studio.

It was one of the most inspiring afternoons of my life. We literally dived into his world, he made us listen to his new tracks, showed us how he works (at that moment he was recording a new talent he found on Internet), we talked about fashion and also danced like crazy with him (yes in the middle of the afternoon) on one of his news tracks that’s going to be a HIT.

Ok now I have to go, back to real life !!! Bonjour, New York !


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