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Yeah, ok, maybe my SPF 10,000 didn’t make the picture, but this’ll still give you a pretty good idea of everything that made my summer:

– My giant Karen Walker sunglasses that I thought I would never wear but actually do, even if they make me look like an insect. When I wear them, all the guys would look at me weird but all the girls love them. And that’s what really counts, of course.

– My Equipment shirts. So addicted. I’ve got tons of them and I wear them constantly and the older they get, the more I love them. At the beach, to give my skin a little break from the sun, I wear a nice light shirt seeing as I could spend hours – I mean HOURS – playing paddle ball.

– Paddle Ball. Yep, one of my essentials for the summer kit. Still terrible at it but kids at the beach love playing with me.

– My giant embroidered Montauk canvas bag that I can stuff my entire life in, even if it’s so heavy I have to make Scott carry it. It’s the secret revenge of women who all winter long have to deal with her guy asking, “Hey, could you put my phone in your bag? And my iPad? And my keys, actually? And my…” Okay, enough already!!!?!

– My hat, bought for $10 at the beach shop down the street because my panama flew away.

– My Samudra clutch because, well, I just love it. It’s my pink wallet you can see inside.

– My fantastic metallic pink Zara ballet-flats. I love them so much that I decided this morning that I’m going to go buy three pairs. You’d better leave those last three size 40s at the Zara on 5th Ave for me!!! Don’t tell me you haven’t seen them. They’re in every Zara in the world looking at us with their soft expectant gaze. Do you think I should get them in silver too?

– And last but not least, the September issue of Vogue, 250 pounds of ads and fashion to add to my summer tote to put the cherry on top of my secret revenge. The new season’s Vogue… always the one we devour daydreaming up the new woman we’ll be in two weeks, so much better, more relaxed, so hard working and on the run, but really well put together, with amazing hair, incredibly organized, and wearing Miu Miu boots…

It’s so good to think about getting back to it all when you’re on the beach…

Just make sure you stay on the beach….

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