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It’s summer in New York, and there’s nowhere better to tan than on a rooftop…
Overlooking the city, the world’s most famous skyline, as the sun beats down.

Here is what our girl would dress and carry with her for a perfect summer day getting bronzed on one of those quaint, unmarked rooftops Downtown.


Apartamento, of course, as she dreams of ways to transform her loft into something palatial, and Edible for inspiration for the next dinner party.

But it’s I Know You Think You Know It All that she reads intensely, each bite of advice at least twice. Her favorites? “Never complain, never explain.” – Johnny Depp, and “Everything is permissible as long as it is fantastic.” – Carlo Mollino. But, really, all of it is good.

She drinks

Rosé, on the dry side and chilled, with a chug of water in between each sip. The bottle sits on ice, poured only for a small measure to keep it cool, beating the summer heat. Somehow the sun seems to be making her a little light-headed…


A rooftop party mix for one. With some singalong karaoke. Classics like Sam Cooke and The Beach Boys make way for Solange, The Preatures, and crooning to Alabama Shakes as the sun begins to set. All from her recycled bamboo bluetooth mini boom box that she bought just for today – and days like this.

In her hair

Is lathered with generous squeezes of fresh lemon, to encourage a little extra streaking of a golden hue. She remembers hearing about this trick at summer camp about 18 years ago. Applied every hour, along with a fresh coat of sunscreen.


A mix matched bikini pulled out from summer storage for the first time, with a lightweight button down — and classic shades. The bare minimum, except for her new tropical earrings that she picked up on a trip to Miami.

She snacks

On chocolate, stowed in the wine cooler under the rosé. And a whole hotdog that a neighbor grilled, but now there’s a big smudge of mustard on her white shirt sleeve.

Her only problem

Perfectly timing when to roll over for that even tan. And that slight wedgie these bikini bottoms keep giving her, creeping up each time, a second after she’s tugged it out!


Where do eggs go on a summer vacation?
New Yolk City.


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