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Here in the US, this Sunday is Mother’s Day! It’s a day to honor not just our mothers, but motherhood, the bond between mother and child, and a mother’s powerful influence in society. Today, every family is different, there is no longer a template for what the ideal mother should look like, or how they should raise a child. One childhood home to grow up in? Not necessary. Two moms? Even better!

Today, we thought we would celebrate motherhood by speaking with a French / American mother daughter duo: Chloe & Sally. Growing up & raising kids between Paris and California seems like they couldn’t have chosen two places more unalike – but from the looks of it, they may have gotten the best of both worlds.

chloe perrin sally perrin garance dore photo

chloe perrin sally perrin garance dore photo

chloe perrin sally perrin garance dore photo

chloe perrin sally perrin garance dore photo

Chloe, do you feel your style is influenced by your mother?
I grew up with the coolest mom at my small Parisian school. She would pick me up dressed in Yoji Yamamoto or Martin Marigiela; and every other mom secretly envied her.. so yes my taste is definitely influenced by her! Today we have different styles but often like similar things.

Would you say your mother is conventional?
My mom is not conventional, but she doesn’t try to be unconventional.. she just is in her own way. Her sense of humor and style embody her originality. She could make anyone laugh :)

Growing up between Paris and LA – did it have an impact on your idea of what a normal family is like?
It definitely did. I also realized that families are kind of the same everywhere, no matter the social context. That said, I’m glad I was raised in Paris until my late teens, and I’m lucky to have a very close, loving family unit.

What is a special moment you remember growing up with your mom?
My mom would take me to my Piano lessons every wednesday after school. I have very fond memories of riding the metro with her and giggling about trying to guess people’s names on the train.

What’s the best advice she’s imparted on you?
Learn to love being alone, it will come in very handy in life, and, everyday tell yourself you are a good person.

chloe perrin sally perrin garance dore photo
chloe perrin sally perrin garance dore photo
chloe perrin sally perrin garance dore photo

Sally, do you feel like Chloe has taken inspiration from you in the way she dresses?
I would have to say some of my style has been imposed on Chloe, only because she is handed down many of my clothes and accessories. However I find she has a very distinctive style of her own now that is very fresh and modern. I try to teach that dressing with confidence is more important than any fashion trend.

Do you think it’s easier or harder to be a mother now than when you were raising your family?
The set of challenges is different, it might have been physically draining with younger children but it becomes more taxing on an emotional level as they become young adults. “Small kids small problems” sums it up!

Funniest moment between you and Chloe?
We get the giggles when something silly sets us off, when we’re not supposed to laugh-such as in yoga class or in a theatre. We have to avoid eye contact in order not to burst out laughing, on occasion it is necessary to leave the room!

What does motherhood mean to you?
Sacrifice. Worry. Pride. Joy.

What are the most rewarding aspects of being a mother to two daughters?
Knowing I’ve raised two conscientious human beings who are kind and caring toward others; who understand the importance of family. I love the saying, “a son is a son til he gets him a wife, a daughter is a daughter for all of your life!” We’ll always have lunch.

chloe perrin sally perrin garance dore photo

chloe perrin sally perrin garance dore photo

chloe perrin sally perrin garance dore photo

Sally & Chloe Perrin of Perrin Paris

In what ways do you think you are alike? And different?
S: Chloe and I are intrinsically connected on many levels, we are both sensitive and have a similar aesthetic sensibility. We are different in that she is more Parisian and I am more American.
C: Haha well we’re both very sensitive, and sometimes too emotional.. we both love the finer & finest things in life (travel, interior decoration, food, style icons…) and we have a very similar sense of humor. We’re different because I’m half french so I have a whole other side to me that’s deeply rooted in Paris; I can’t truly enjoy peanut butter or red licorice but love French literature and philosophy.

What’s the dynamic like between the two of you?
S: Working together can be contentious at times due to the mother daughter dynamic-the gloves come off (pun intended). Over time we have found a rhythm that works, and I am able to hand off more responsibility to Chloe as she grows her wings. She is bringing a fresh Parisian eye to the brand that I fully support. After hours we spend time doing things we both love such as discovering a new restaurant, going to the ballet, drinking rosé and conversing.
C: It can be electric when we’re both moody or sensitive.. but otherwise I would say my mom is one of my best friends and I feel comfortable talking about anything to her.

Who borrows more clothes?
S: Chloe borrows my clothes more often however I recently fell in love w a pair of jeans she had on….we made a trade and were both happy :)
C: I definitely borrow more clothes from her closet.. although she recently “borrowed” my high waisted jeans!

Whose the better cook?
S: I used to be a fantastic cook, however since working full time it has unfortunately fallen to the wayside. I hope to find pleasure in feeding others again! Chloe is amazing in the kitchen, not only are her menus tasty they are made with great TLC and with very healthy ingredients. She sets a beautiful table, is a formidable hostess.
C: Hm.. I think we’re both pretty good at cooking.

Who takes the better selfie?
S: Chloe bought me a selfie stick as a stocking stuffer, I just couldn’t bear the thought! I think its more appropriate at her age, she wins – she has more practice.
C: Neither of us are good at selfies! Although I’ve been having a lot of fun with snapchat’s latest facial modifications.

Chloe, what is the best thing your mom has passed on to you, and Sally, what do you think is the best thing you’ve passed on to Chloe?
S: Visualization. My mother taught me from a young age how important this is-what you imagine of yourself you shall become. I think it is working, both Chloe and Emma are coming into their own as dynamic young women.
C: I think the best thing my mom has passed on to me is my quirkiness, my perpetual curiosity, and love of life !

chloe perrin sally perrin garance dore photo

chloe perrin sally perrin garance dore photo

chloe perrin sally perrin garance dore photo

chloe perrin sally perrin garance dore photo

Chloe : Top, Roland Mouret ; Pants, Givenchy ; Shoes, Michael Kors
Sally : Top, Lanvin ; Jeans, Victoria Beckham ; Blazer, Jill Sander ; Bracelet, Monies


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