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She Wears The Pants Clothes

4 years ago by

Kate Foley is one of those people whose style I’ve admired from afar for years, and I had heard so many great things about her from the team. Finally, yesterday, after the Isabel Marant show here in Paris, I met her. You probably already know that she has real style (remember this? and this? and this?), but what does that mean?

It means she wears the pants clothes.
They don’t wear her.

Somehow she took a really cool, fun printed skirt that makes us feel like maybe summer isn’t quite over yet and a flowing white tee, and made it look totally sublime. You could tell it was effortless, easy. A look she barely had to think about, but that she could have just as easily worn this anywhere, not just fashion week (she was wearing it to lunch with her mom right after, too!), and made it feel and look appropriate.

So that brought up a question for me, which I wanted to ask you, too: do you feel like you wear the clothes or they wear you?

Text: Neada Jane | Photo: Erik Melvin


Add yours
  • if you wear an outfit to fit in or to be cool, on trend, I think the clothes definitely wear you, because you don’t own it and don’t feel comfortable on them.

  • I don’t have a lot of super-stylish clothes, yet people often compliment me on how I look — the best compliments being “that was made for you” or that something new looks like a piece I’ve worn for a long time. So, yes, I always want to feel as though I am wearing the clothes rather than the other way around and agree that Kate does just that and thus has terrific style.

  • J’aime beaucoup la jupe, facile a porter en toute saison, avec un gros pull comme sur une autre photo de Kate,( pull corail et jupe corail a pois blancs.)
    Je viens de relire son interview career, son parcours fait rever bien que difficile. Quelle reussite !

  • For some people clothes come naturally ..they just wear the clothes and looks fantastic..because they have this special way of being…for others the clothes wear them because if you take out the clothes you don’t see them….
    i believe in finding something which becomes you…and this is hard to find ..because you need to learn about yourself
    and to be honest with yourself…
    Yael Guetta


  • Jessica October, 4 2015, 2:16

    So true!!

  • Adore!

  • It’s most definitely the neckline and the lipstick.

  • I think it is all about attitude and the way of walking,….

  • Francesca October, 4 2015, 7:08 / Reply

    What an amazing outfit she wears! I’ve always loved her style!

  • Love her style. It really communicates who she is. Read my post on what style is to different people and how we might determine ‘good style’. Please let me know what you think.


  • I certainly wear my clothes; I don’t buy anything that wears me. When I just started working I was dressing myself from the British high street ( we’re talking the days before purchasing a whole new throwaway wardrobe on a weekly basis was a thing), and everyone was always asking “Where did you get that? That’s great, so unusual! I would never have thought to wear those together!” when they, too could have walked into any shop on any high street in the UK and chosen the same clothes. So I think I’ve got style too ;).

  • It depends on the days, I guess. Sometimes I feel great in my clothes, and sometimes I feel it’s not “like me”. With time, I am learning to choose “great clothes that fit me” rather than clothes that are pretty but in which I feel drowned.

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