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Erik Melvin

When we first met Langley two years ago she had green-tinted hair, a last minute decision made between her and a jar of Manic Panic. Flash forward to 2016, she’s gone and chopped her own bangs, albeit perfectly in that Amelie sort of way.

She has a sarcastic humor to her that is almost as irresistible as her energetic dog Zeppelin. Both of whom are unable to take a bad photo, even when they’re goofing off. Her wardrobe mimics all these quirky characteristics, a mix of funky vintage finds – like those colorful pants she “found” at her sister Dree’s, to quiet pieces that just need a scarf at the neck to make a complete look.

What makes Langley’s style special is that it’s really hers, which is really what these stories are about…

langley fox hemingway garance dore photo

langley fox hemingway garance dore photo

You grew up in Idaho and live in California, but travel often for work. Is there one place that has informed your personal style the most?
I think I draw my style from whatever I’m feeling. I kind of adore looking a little bit like a boyish child during during the day or wearing combinations that probably shouldn’t be worn.

Who, and what, are your greatest fashion influences?
All time hero is of course David Bowie. I also love Keith Richards, Tim Burton characters, Pippi Longstocking, Gram Parsons, 90s Wino [Winona Ryder], Patti Smith, and the list goes on…

Tell us about your favorite vintage piece. Do you remember where and when you got it?
I think the cheaper the better. Right now my favorites are my men’s plaid pants found in the East Village in NYC, my white overalls that were gifted to me with the state of Idaho personally embroidered on the back, and the rainbow pants I’m “borrowing” from my sister.

How has your style evolved since you first started working in the fashion industry?
I’ve always been very confident with wearing whatever comes to mind even when I shouldn’t. I think at this point the only thing that has substantially evolved is my trouser collection in funky colors.

langley fox hemingway garance dore photo

langley fox hemingway garance dore photo

langley fox hemingway garance dore photo

langley fox hemingway garance dore photo
langley fox hemingway garance dore photo

Your closet is meticulously organized by color and item style – have you always been so methodical and does it cross over to your artwork?
HA! I mean I think my artwork speaks for itself in its technicality and precision; these things are also how I live my life. I like having lots of personal things but it must be in some sort of order, and what better than color coordination!

Favorite outfit you’ve worn on a shoot? On the runway? IRL?
I just wore the new Gucci Gram Parsons-looking suit to a Gucci dinner and the fact I had to give it back was absolutely heart breaking.

Do you have a go-to look or something equivalent to a personal uniform?
I love a bright colored Dickies pant in a kids size so they are short and fitted in the waist, a funky looking or printed button down teeshirt, and right now a baseball cap and some hoops. If not that, an overall or jumpsuit.

You are a self-proclaimed “weirdo.” Where does that come from and does it affect the clothes you wear?
I’ve got to keep my weirdo standard up to par with the clothes I wear. ;) But really, whatever I’m doing is just me doing me.

Okay, rapid fire!

Converse or heels? Converse, duh.
Minimalist or maximalist? Maximalist.
Piercings or tattoos? I’m already a mess.
Cats or dogs? That would be too rude to choose at this point.
Instagram or Snapchat? Snapchat- but it’s private.
Blow dry or air dry? Air all the way.
Hiking or swimming? HIKING.

langley fox hemingway garance dore photo
langley fox hemingway garance dore photo

Striped Pants, Finders Keepers ; Blue Sweater, Uniqlo ; Slippers, UGG ; Hoop Earrings, Target; Scarf, Coach; Jumpsuit, Vintage ; Printed pant and top, Vintage; Shoes, Saint Laurent; Bag, Lancel


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