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Do you remember Melissa? I met her in the street in Paris (the number of amazing people I’ve met in the street, it’s pretty unbelievable) just before she performed on The Voice. Both her music and her style have evolved since then (one of the things I love about this blog is being able to follow people as they grow and change) and right now, since she’s been spending a lot of time in New York, so we were able to grab her and spend some time together in one of her friend’s apartments.

I really love the way she mixes her clothes. She has a real love for fashion and it shows!

melissa bon style story garance dore photos
melissa bon style story garance dore photos

melissa bon style story garance dore photos

melissa bon style story garance dore photos

melissa bon style story garance dore photos

1. Describe your style in three words.
Chic, minimal and classic, I guess!

2. Do you have a piece of clothing that you always travel with?
I cannot travel without a white blouse, it is a must have; it goes with everything !

3. Who’s your main style inspiration?
I am very inspired by Solange Knowles, not only because she has a great sense of style but also because she brings so much of her colorful and funky personality into it.

4. How is your style in Paris different to your style in New York?
I’d say that I tend to be more laid back in Paris,  I rarely wear heels because it is very unpractical to climb (yes, literally climb the stairs) with heels. Versus in NY I feel a lot more experimental with my style, the eccentricity of the city makes me want to wear my craziest outfits!

5. What is your favorite outfit right now?
Well… I love suits! My navy blue suit that I’m wearing in the picture is my outfit crush of the moment.

6. You’re very tall, any tricks for dressing up for your body type?
The most important thing is to embrace your height and be proud of it. There’s no such thing as being a tall woman with shoulders in and a head facing the ground (we will see you anyway). I don’t know if I have a specific trick for dressing up but, one thing is for sure, I’m really glad that really affordable brands like COS have clothes that flatter tall woman or Acne which is less affordable but is as great. The best advice I can give is to wear clothes that fit your body type — that’s when you look at your best.

7. Do you have a favorite bag?
I am a Céline girl, they are my all time favorites. But I was recently offered a Mansur Gavriel black bucket bag and I fell in love with it. I’ve wore it everyday since I got it!

8. What would you buy if you had an unlimited budget? 
If I had an unlimited budget (you should see my face while I’m typing this down haha)… Okay, so let’s say it is a one day thing and I organize it how I would organize my relaxing days :)… I’d have a big oversized Céline coat for lunch (most important meal of the day guys) and pretty much everything else they have in store. I would have a Marni as digestif like a good amaretto, have my 4pm coffee at Acne and The Row, sip my 7pm Côtes-Du-Rhône at Carven, have a light salad at COS for dinner and drink my tisane purchasing Rodebjer in bed.That is the shopaholic side of me talking but really, there are so many things i would buy not only for me but for the people around me that supported me full time in what I want to do (cheesy but very true).

9. Where do you shop when you have a very limited budget?
I buy most of my items at COS and &OtherStories, Zara is a great compromise when you can’t afford luxury brands and Topshop for their boutique collection, they have a tall section too.

10. What do you like to wear when you perform?
I’m very nervous on stage, so the last thing i want to do is worry if my dress is too short or find myself in a Janet Jackson nip slip situation… I usually wear a very simple maxi jumpsuit with a cleavage or a high waisted large pant with a printed blouse, or all white. I essentially go for a statement item, I have a red Acne suit that i adore wearing on stage.

melissa bon style story garance dore photos
melissa bon style story garance dore photos
melissa bon style story garance dore photos

Here is a cover Melissa did of ‘Take Me to Church’ — she filmed it herself, and I love it.


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