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Erik Melvin

Do you think style runs in the blood? Or maybe it’s just the people, places and things that surround us?! Either way, Tanya and Zhenya a.k.a the Posternak twins are living proof. Often found treading the pavements of Soho and Tribeca in complementary mules and similarly cascading, perfectly cut coats, they’re impossible to miss! Equally as inspired by one another and the world around them…


We met them both about a year ago, when they first started working in our building for Mansur Gavriel (seriously, our building is a happening place – shout out to all of our amazing neighbors!!). What we found so mesmerizing was their similar but individual takes on everything, and their crazy, beautiful energy that, trust me, you feel. When it comes to how they dress, it’s a mutual, minimalist, and bold point of view — with slight differences that only accentuate the style of the other!

They invited us over to take a glimpse inside their closets and talk style, similarities, and never sharing (haha!)…

zhenya and tanya posternak garance dore photo
zhenya and tanya posternak garance dore photo

zhenya and tanya posternak garance dore photo

1. Describe your style in three words.
Zhenya: Monochrome, clean, ironic.
Tanya: Black and white with a little chance of color. Volume and? textures. Add some heels.

2. When you’re putting together a look, where do you begin?
Tanya: Accessories! Can be a headscarf or shoes that dictate the whole look and palette.
Zhenya: Mood, laundry status and weather forecast.

3. Can you tell us a little about where your mutual love of fashion started?
Zhenya: Our mom has taught us about fabric quality and color palettes. We were real nerds back at school but around the same time, during college, Tanya and I discovered how much of a self expression style can be. Most of our friends are very creative and involved in fashion one way or another so they constantly inspire us. That’s how it started.

4. You both moved to NY together and now you both work with Mansur Gavriel. Have you always operated as a team?
Zhenya: Back home, we didn’t work together. I was a writer and Tanya was a film director scout. However, when it came to photography we’ve always worked as a team. Moving here turned our lives upside down and? we started working as a duo most of the time. It’s a constant challenge but having two angles is definitely worth it.

5. And you’re known for having complementary style, have you always? And do you share clothes?!
It happens naturally and we don’t really push it. And no, we are pretty greedy about our possessions, so have a firm ‘no sharing’ policy.

6. Do you think being twins influences how you dress together more than it would if you were just siblings?
It’s a whole deal of factors: family background, social surroundings and education, which, in our case, has always been common and shared. I certainly believe we would look dramatically different if we had a few years age difference and lived in different countries.

Style Story / Tanya & Zhenya

zhenya and tanya posternak garance dore photo

zhenya and tanya posternak garance dore photo

7. You’re both photographers and often post images of your outfits on Instagram. When you shop, do you think about how clothes will look for the camera?
Absolutely not. We are used to being behind the camera and pretty happy about it. Instagram is like a diary where red plastic bags can be as beautiful as scarves and heels.

8. And where are your favorite places to shop, or brands to buy?
COS, concept stores, European vintage and the good ol’ Internet.

9. Your ideal outfit right now?
Tanya: All things turtlenecks. Blame weather if you want, but I cannot think of anything cozier and more satisfying than this. Greatest invention ever.
Zhenya: Knit pants, long coat and silk scarf. Add synthetic-ish perfume!

10. Do you have a fashion muse?
Tanya: Mother Nature?
Zhenya: Phoebe Philo.

11. What are your Instagram accounts? Do you have a common one?
We don’t like to share whether it be scarves or likes.

12. Do you ever fight?
We used to, we used to.

13. In what ways do you ensure differentiation between one another and individuality?
It’s all about the way we walk, talk and even brush our hair. Zhenya is older (if 10 minutes count) and more responsible. I’m (Tanya) a dreamer with bills past overdue.

zhenya and tanya posternak garance dore photo

zhenya and tanya posternak garance dore photo

zhenya and tanya posternak garance dore photo
zhenya and tanya posternak garance dore photo
zhenya and tanya posternak garance dore photo

Tanya // Look 1 : Blue trench, white tee, and white pant : All COS; Tan mule with yellow heel, Acne / Look 2 : Bomber Jacket, Trademark ; Dress, COS ; Shoes as before ; Scarf, Vintage / Look 3 : Coat, Jacquemus; Sweater, COS; Pants, Zara

Zhenya // Look 1: White Top and cream jacket Zara; Black Pants, COS ; Heels, Reinhard Plank / Look 2 : Grey vest hand made in Ukraine; White shirt dress, COS; Pants, 3.1 Phillip Lim ; Shoes, Vetements ; Pearl Ring, Zoe Chao / Look 3 : Coat, Creatures of Comfort ; Top COS ; Pants, Lemaire x Uniqlo ; Shoe as before


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