one-piece maillot swimsuit cardigan beach terra grantham garance dore photos

The One-Piece

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The modern swimsuit. What does that even mean today?

Does it have to do with fabrications? Or fit? Or was it merely a solution to no longer swimming naked? Throughout history we’ve seen so many variations on the swimsuit, with both the bikini and the monokini making valid advances in swim preference, but it really seems like the one-piece – or the maillot – is having a moment. With everyone, actually.

It’s no longer looked upon as something worn after a “certain age” or after having children, or the day you decide to stop doing sit-ups. It feels like women of all ages are embracing the style because it, too, has many variations and can transcend trends!

And because just wearing a swimsuit never feels complete, I’d also like to take a quick moment to talk about the cardigan, which, much like the one-piece, is trending (yes, YES okay, at least in mine and Garance’s opinion!). There’s something so equally effortless about the cardigan, thrown over a swimsuit, worn as a top, the ability to acclimate into any decade has made it a born-again favorite for us right along with the one-piece.

one-piece maillot swimsuit cardigan beach terra grantham garance dore photos

The Essential: From none other than Eres, of course. But what makes this suit so essential is really the fit — wide straps to hold up, well, any cup size and a low, rounded-square plunge back to show some skin. Plus, it’s black….

The Bandeau: Cut high at the leg, this version of the bandeau style one-piece from Norma Kamali is perfect for those with a smaller chest (not flat hard to keep it up – le sigh, me – and not too big, they might pop out!) who wish to emphasize a long lean leg. The bright green color is also a great complement to a mojito…

one-piece maillot swimsuit cardigan beach terra grantham garance dore photos

The Monokini: Otherwise known as the swim version of Julia Roberts’ infamous dress in Pretty Woman. This royal blue number from Araks really works because of it draws the eye in a zig-zag from shoulder to hip…. pretty sexy.

The Gingham: The idea of a printed or patterned suit (or this gingham version from Karla Colletto) feels almost like a very femme camouflage. The one-shoulder and lace-up side keeps it not too precious… even if you happen to also love polka dots and picnics.

one-piece maillot swimsuit cardigan beach terra grantham garance dore photos

The Classic: Very smart, classically cool and ideal for any body type, Solid & Striped’s striped suit has a deep scooped back to show off all the laps you’ve been swimming. And the color-scheme is just in time for Independence Days all over the world!

The Sporty Scuba: Part rash-guard, J.Crew’s zip-neck green one-piece makes those surf lessons you’ve been meaning to sign up for more necessary. If only to wear when talking to the instructor…

With so many choices, is it impossible to settle on just-a-one-piece? Or can we make room in the hodgepodge bathing suit drawer for something that will surely last more seasons than Twin Peaks?

one-piece maillot swimsuit cardigan beach terra grantham garance dore photos

one-piece maillot swimsuit cardigan beach terra grantham garance dore photos

one-piece maillot swimsuit cardigan beach terra grantham garance dore photos

one-piece maillot swimsuit cardigan beach terra grantham garance dore photos

Look 1 / Black Swimsuit, Eres; Grey Cardigan, Vince; Bracelet, Saskia DiezLook 2 / Green Bandeau Swimsuit, Norma Kamali; Mixed Green Cardigan, Trademark; Silver Bangles, Robert Lee Morris. Look 3 / Blue Swimsuit, Araks; Patterned Cardigan, Billy Reid; Bracelet, Robert Lee Morris Gold Cuff. Look 4 / Gingham Swimsuit, Karla Colletto; Polka Dot Cardigan, Comme des Garçons; Bracelets, Saskia Diez  & Tate simple gold ball chain.  Look 5 / Striped Swimsuit, Solid & Striped; Lace-Paneled Cardigan, Adam Lippes; Earrings, TateLook 6 / Zip-Neck Green Swimsuit, J.Crew; Cardigan, Chinti + Parker; Ring, Tate.


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  • wow, amazing swimsuits!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • I love bikinis, but their fault is that they always slide down to my knees and my boobs pop out when I jump in water head-first. I would love to try a nice one-piece, but they’re all so expensive. I can’t afford a 50€ piece that I will only wear a few times before it’s either ruined or totally outdated, especially on a student budget from southern Europe!

  • I also am fairly ample, a student, love swimming and think bikinis suck- it’s a pretty uncomfortable situation knowing everything is going to pop out in two seconds. Really, even if you you only wear a swimsuit a few times every summer, get a one piece. I’ve found ones from J Crew, Calvin Klein, and Jantzen all under $100 that I use every year- they all make classic styles that do hold up to both fashion and not falling apart.

  • Sarah S. July, 3 2015, 2:53

    You should check out the sale section (or search for a 15-20% promo code, they always have them!) of Boden. Their suits are really high quality, come in classic, flattering cuts, and you can choose fun seasonal print or something more timeless. I have a ruches bandeau one-piece in navy that I call my “princess” suit, since I imagine Kate Middleton wearing something similar :) I think I paid $75 for it on sale. I also have two of their two pieces from over the years, and they have real bras, that don’t slide around, and I purchased them both on sale too. Honestly, these suits are the only ones I have ever felt pretty in and the quality/style has stood the test of time.

    Good luck!

  • Allright, but can we talk about tanlines??

  • one piece swim suits are so nice — love all of these

  • Lovely range of suit options. Maillots can be very flattering and better than bikinis for those who want to swim!

  • Funny. I met my husband at a beach. He said he noticed me cause I was the only one that had a one piece (Kamali, very sexy) on. He said you CAN see too much flesh.

  • Peut-on ajouter à cette liste les maillots une pièce de la marque DnuD, beaux comme des Erès, même qualité (il me semble qu’ils sont fabriqués dans le même atelier ou quelque chose comme ça), coupes et matières superbes à un prix largement inférieur (environ 150€). J’en achète au moins un par an et ils sont increvables. Et pour les “tan lines”, ce n’est pas pire que les marques d’un bikini…

  • clotilde July, 2 2015, 4:08 / Reply

    Les maillots sont tous très chouettes mais surtout merci merci merci pour le choix de la jeune fille qui les porte, une fille bien foutue mais pas trop maigre, avec de VRAIES cuisses costauds, de bons mollets, un ventre normal c’est à dire pas en creux, et des seins de taille raisonnable, pas énooooormes ! Bon sang, ca fait du bien de voir une fille pleine de vie et pas une top model venue de l’espace !

  • Nice selction ;)




  • I was trying to jump on the one piece bandwagon but I’m having so much trouble with fit. When I buy a bikini I’m xs on the bottom and a m or l on the top. I have a short torso too, I can’t find a one piece that looks as good as a bikini . Either the fit is completely off or they look so frumpy. Help?!!

  • Those swimsuits look amazing !

  • I do love an updated one piece look although I don’t currently own one!

  • Amazing selection of one-piece!
    Definitely more elegant than a bikini, the one-piece is the perfect piece to look great and confident on the beach.

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