The Patterned Blazer

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Erik Melvin

In a world full of dull, navy suits – it’s refreshing to see a woman don a blazer, jacket, or coat that embraces a wilder spirit. Patterns in general are something I’ve always found a bit tricky – too girly, too bold, too I-can-never-wear-this-print-again-because everyone-will-know-it’s-from-3-seasons-ago-and-lord-knows-that’s-embarrassing. JK!

rebecca dayan garance dore photo

Rebecca, Erika and Georgia all look so cool – combining a playful jacket effortlessly with a top in the same neutral tones. What could have been a LOOK-AT-ME moment is now understated and more, “Oh! me? Yeah, I just threw this on this brilliant coat.” If only we could all be so casually dapper …

erika linder garance dore photo

I’ve got 1960s aspirations just waiting to be realized – turtlenecks be ready! This fall I’m making my move after finding a brown mini-plaid blazer I plan to mix with more outfits than necessary.

Do you have a favorite printed jacket you’ve been keeping at the back of the closet? One you’ve been eyeing but haven’t been able to commit?

On Rebecca: Jacket + Pant, THII ; Bag, Eddie Borgo // On Erika: Jacket, Tibi // On Georgia : Models own


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  • While I’m normally that boring navy suit girl, I have to say that I do own three printed blazes: one by American Vintage that has shoulder pads (you buy some crazy things when you visit Paris…but oddly enough I actually wear it a lot), one with stripes (do stripes count as a print?) and the other one is a black and golden tile inspired blazer (really weird but I find it quite elegant). I usually wear them with jeans or, again, boring monochrome pants but if you had my thighs, you’d hate printed trousers too!

  • A patterned jacket lets you do a column of pants/skirt with the same color top–or a dress–and not be boring.

  • It’s wonderful i love it but seriously a print is something you get tired after 2 time you wear it!!
    Yael Guetta

  • Charlotte August, 15 2016, 1:32 / Reply

    Georgia Tal! (L) Would love a Garance Dore profile of her!

  • Ai-Ch'ng August, 15 2016, 10:28 / Reply

    Oh, yes! I have only two plain coloured coats/jackets: a long, oversized camel wrap coat on which I will hand sew a massive patch on the back, and an oversized, black leather biker jacket that is perfect with all the usual zips and epaulette.

    The rest of my outerwear is heavily embroidered, or patterned, or fringed, or all three. I love patterned outerwear for every occasion; not a big fan at all of plain anything, except maybe an olive cotton tshirt, or silk shirt.

    Patterns disguise my inability to keep absolutely pristine throughout the day- and it’s just so much nicer to be celebratory in clashing prints and disparate textures.

  • Love a print if it’s flattering. I have a printed jacket that I might have worn one too many times, so it sits in my closet now. Thinking that if I give it enough time, I can bring it out again like it’s new… Maybe?


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