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Ohhhhh shoes with funky adornments! We’ve got the Vetements sock boot with blue lighter cap heel, the Acne mule with gold tree stump heel, and the Prada point toe flat with large silver ball …. feet are feeling like it’s the time to express themselves!

statement shoes asia typek garance dore photo

But how practical is a statement shoe really? You wear it once … and then, that’s it? Does it go to back into its box for safe-keeping until you can hand it down to your children?

What do you think? To statement shoe or not to statement shoe?

statement shoes asia typek garance dore photo


Add yours
  • I’m not a novelty shoe fan, to be honest, although I do make a distinction between a novelty shoe (a category which I’d say all of the above fall into) and a statement shoe. I own a shiny, patent-leather, bright red pair of block-heeled, 3″ high pumps and I’ve worn those consistently about 3 times a month September – June since I bought them three years ago — they’re like having beautiful punctuation at the bottom of a sober or punk outfit (at the moment I’m wearing them most with a pair of ripped, faded black skinny jeans and a white men’s dress shirt), exactly like the dot at the bottom of an exclamation mark. They “make” an outfit and I find they’ve definitely paid off in terms of cost-per-wear. But novelty shoes? You risk looking like a fashion victim, they expire relatively quickly, and like a one-liner joke, they only spark the room once. Why pay big bucks on a throw-away line?


  • Moi je suis pour ! Un talon original fait toute la différence sur une tenue. C’est comme porter une bague, un collier ou des boucles qui vont transformer un look tout simple.
    Topshop a très bien su s’emparer de cette tendance en créant des bottines, sandales et mocassins aux talons en plexi coloré, brodés, en bois etc…bref c’est pas aussi fou que Vêtements mais ça reste original et adaptable.


  • There’s a line for me – I wouldn’t want to get a pair of shoes that were “so statement” I’d only wear them once. I love my shoes and I love to wear them!


  • When I first saw the Ventements back in April, I thought they were a lark — a joke — the statement being: “the joke is on you!” However, I’d wear those Acne mules until the tree stump heels split for tinder! No save-zies!

  • Des chausssures comme ça, c’est un choix de style. Et quand on a choisi un style, on le conserve en principe quelques temps, on l’affine, on le complète, etc… Et oui, on remet les chaussures – si elles sont confortables.
    Les Dolce Gabbana sont splendides
    Belle journée

  • Well, I’ve never been a big “statement shoe” person anyway, but now that I’ve read Katy Bowman’s books on how integral strong, healthy feet are for overall health, posture and eliminating back pain, I’m completely down on any shoe that isn’t negative heeled or at least truly flat, ideally with a very flexible sole and room for toes to wiggle. And on the right type of surface (ie. not concrete!) barefoot is even better! :)

  • J’adore porter des chaussures qui délirent avec des vetements ultra simples, voire dépouillés…

  • Jane B. Root September, 11 2016, 3:28 / Reply

    Photo 2 : Si t’arrêtes de fumer tu peux recycler tes briquets Bic en talons ! Mouarf !

  • Les chaussures originales pourquoi pas mais toujours chiques et classes sinon c’est vite ridicule. Et encore pire si elles sont inconfortables :)

  • J’adore ce premier look, super chic mais trendy !

  • I’m more of a fan of “style,” not “fashion”–style is classic and lasting, whereas fashion is ever changing and quickly looks passé. If I’m going to spend money on something, it needs to be an item I can wear over and over and won’t feel embarrassed about in a few months’ time. For the street-style crowd with an endless budget, it makes sense, and I enjoy looking at their quirky, no-non-fashion-person-would-ever-wear-that ensembles. But for me personally, I’ll stick to timeless items that are easy to wear and make me feel effortlessly put-together.

  • 100% pour depuis Margiela. C’est quand même lui qui a poussé voire créé le concept à fond.

  • like all things statement you can use it only for one season. that said, does anyone have the acne sandals with the bamboo heel for sale? ^^

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