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How do you dress when the weather is disgusting? Ok, we get it – what we’re going to find in the streets during the shows won’t give us an answer.

During the shows, it seems like everyone is having a great time defying the weather.

Not necessarily in terms of temperature – don’t be fooled by these snowstorm pictures… It’s not so cold in Milan, which explains why the snow coming down on us is all wet and turns to slush the second it hits the ground and makes my life a fight against the elements.
It’s also why in all my photos today, people seem to be rather lightly dressed.

But what they do is defy the weather in terms of colors. Why didn’t anyone send me the memo?

Because personally, yesterday morning I…

Freshly showered (= rolled out of bed, three hours in the shower later I finally remember that I’m in Milan)…

Put on my white pants with a smile before heading down for my breakfast of fruit and cereal (+ a chocolate croissant, an Italian specialty that I recommend you never try because it’s just too damn good), and open my iPad (=2% battery left. Why is the world against me this morning?) and I see that it’s going to be wintry mixing all morning.

Of course, because I have some common sense, I finish my breakfast, head back up to my room and put on an entirely grey outfit. Grey jeans, black sweater, grey coat. Grey, grey, greeeeeeyyyy like the sky in Milan. Everyone would do the same, right?

Apparently not!

I like outfits that bite their thumb at the weather a little. They just put me in a good mood. Because fashion is for that too, lifting our spirits when skies are grey. I promise to wear my white jeans today, whether it’s raining or snowing or wintry mixing or whatever it is. Who cares if the bottom of my pants gets stained?

From there, big hugs to you all!!! Screw you greyishness!!!


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