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Do you remember Victoria’s cool denim look? She has the height to pull off anything, which while seeming like a blessing, I think sometimes can be tricky… Which is why I think her style is so cool. She moved to New York when she was 17 from Russia, dabbled in modeling but found her place was really doing the dressing. Now she’s styling stories for the likes of Vanity Fair and Tank Magazine.

Her style has a bit of a tomboy edge, favoring classic trenches and bomber jackets — but she somehow manages to keep a cool femininity to her look too. (She wears lots of skirts!) Plus she is just about always in flats, except those little kitten heels she’s taken to…



1. Describe your style in three words.
Effortless, structured comfort dressing with a masculine touch and a penchant for something eclectic.

2. You’re a stylist and former model, how has your career influenced your approach to fashion? 
Growing up in post-soviet Russia in a suburban city I was kind of shut away from the rest of the world, I wasn’t aware of the designers or photographers who are pretty iconic. I remember being booked for a Prada show in my first season and my agent going mental about it and I was like, “What’s Prada?”. I mean it was to THAT level of unawareness.

3. And how has it evolved since you first started in the industry?
Being a part of the industry for over 10 years has given me an insight knowledge on how everything works, who is who and a chance to collaborate with the most influential and talented people in the world.

4. You’ve lived in Russia, New York and London. Which place has informed your personal style the most?
I think aesthetically my sense of style has always been the same. I remember wearing big chunky jumpers and my brother’s hand-me-down jeans as a kid. I remember my mother’s  sleeveless shift dresses, white denim and custom-made suits. The images of these memories are engraved in my brain forever and the first I go back to for comfort. I am a strong believer that your style and taste forms at a very young age and is influenced by people you are surrounded by. A chance to live in such different places like New York, London and Russia has broaden my cultural knowledge.

5. And does that show in your work as a stylist?
I always say you have to go back to where you come from (whether mentally or physically) in order to go forward.

Style Story / Victoria

6. Which stylists do you admire?
Joe McKenna, Jane How, Marie-Amélie Sauvé, Benjamin Bruno.

7. Is there a decade that you look to most for style inspiration?
I look at everything. Would it be a film or a book or an image that will spiral into an endless research. What interests me the most, besides the actual style of the certain period, is the attitude with which the clothes were worn at the time. I think it’s the essential.

8. What is your favourite outfit of the moment?
When I am in a crazy rush I can always rely on a grey cashmere roll-neck, white jeans, over-sized coat and a pair of sling-back kitten heel shoes.

9. And the one accessory you can’t live without?
My wedding and engagement rings that my husband had designed. That makes it two though.

10. Who is your fashion muse?
It’s hard to pick one person out. I feel like as one evolves, one’s heroes change. What I find most inspiring in people is the inner confidence and the way they carry themselves.

Style Story / Victoria
Style Story / Victoria

Grey Leather Short, Second Day; Jumper, Second Day; Sneakers, Opening Ceremony

Leather Skirt, Helmut Lang; Jumper, Citizens of Humanity; Heels, Russell and Bromley

Pants, Dries Van Noten; Top, JW Anderson

Jacket, Louis Vuitton; Shoes, Russell and Bromley

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