A Street Style With Abigail Bergstrom

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We first met Abigail when she commissioned the rights to Garance’s book, Love Style Life, in the UK…and we’ve loved her ever since! Abigail has serious brains and serious style, two of our favorite qualities!

She’s worked in publishing for almost a decade, has published countless bestselling books, and worked with some of Britain’s most prominent feminist voices. She’s created a niche for herself in the lit world by navigating the cross-section between digital and print with innovation and grace. A writer herself, Abigail is passionate about the power of the written word to challenge and tear down power structures.

We couldn’t be more impressed, and we’re excited to share her style!


Describe you style in 3 words or phrases.
Androgynous, strong, understated.

What are you wearing in this image and how does it reflect your personal style?
I am wearing my APHID Tenoch dress with a funnel neck and a gorgeous pleat hem. I’ve paired this with my neoprene Weekday jacket which I love for its versatility and my Simone Rocha bag which whispers something feminine. I like to wear a fussy or dramatic item and then pair it with something more understated or add casual accessories. Also, everything is black, my colour of choice.

How has your style evolved over time?
As time has gone on and my work and lifestyle has become more demanding, I’ve simplified my style. I look to my clothes for comfort, easiness and continuity. I steer towards monochrome so that everything I own works gracefully together and I focus on what I feel most comfortable in: clean lines and oversized.

How does London influence your style? Do you consider yourself to be a quintessential Londoner?
One of my favourite books about London, Londoners by Craig Taylor, says that to be considered so, one must have lived in the city for 10 consecutive years; I’ve been here for 12, so I think I can own that title, just. London is a huge city and it takes time to get around, so it’s practicality and comfort that matters. The life of a Londoner – as applicable in most big cities – demands fashion that’s appropriate for day-time meetings and evening events. Adaptability is London’s question, versatility is the answer.

What are some of your favorite brands at the moment?
When it comes to what’s whetting my style taste buds, London’s offering is refreshing and exciting: I’m obsessed with APHID, who focus on sculptural silhouettes and textured fabrics (when you mostly wear black head-to-toe, structure and texture are most important).

I adore Scotria whose bags focus on modulation and personalisation, which means you can change elements of your bag to suit your outfit, or better still, your mood.

And last but not least…Simone Rocha whose designs offer up the complexity of femininity as I experience and feel it.

What is most important to you: comfort, beauty or innovation?
Comfort, always. I cannot feel beautiful if I do not feel comfortable, innovation will have to take up the reins from there.

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  • Love women like Avigail – strong yet feminine, charismatic and with her own style. The monochrome is the best for me too. Versatile, elegant and comfy. As a big fan of luxury leather goods, I would mention that the Yara leather bag is if have tailor-made for me. I like it for its clean lines and simpleness.

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