A Street Style with Gabe Kennedy

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How would you describe your style in three words?

Functional, Sustainable, Eclectic.

Spain meets Colorado meets Tompkins Square Park.

How has your style evolved as you’ve gotten older?

I never thought of myself as a particularly ‘fashionable’ person – It wasn’t until I stopped looking around for what I thought I should be wearing that my own personality of style emerged. I now look to what gives me delight – every now and then I see something and feel a spark, excited and inspired. My style is made up of those moments in time. I have found comfort and excitement in using my style as a humble representation of who I am and how I choose to consume. Consciously and sparingly, with an emphasis on quality and integrity.

Favorite item of clothing in your closet?

Right now it is between this beautiful patterned silk shirt from Bruta, or this mechanic’s jacket from Huf, that my friend, Cesar Villalba, gave me – he also happens to be my personal fashion icon.

Both make a statement in their own way and speak to my personality…

Any advice to men still struggling to hit their own style strides?

I would encourage them to connect with what feels comfortable and instills a sense of confidence. Style is an expression of individualism, so go for it – quirky is good, weird is great, follow the excitement. Once I put something on, I want to forget that I am wearing it and just go do my thing. I find that when I am too conscious about my appearance or the clothing I am wearing it takes me out of simply enjoying where I am.


Gabe Kennedy is a Chef, Entrepreneur, and world traveler. He is the Co-Founder of Plant People, a Cannabis wellness brand. Colorado-raised and NYC-based, he is an environmental advocate and passionate about creating intimate connections between our natural world, the food we eat, and each other! Follow along with him on Instagram here.

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