A Street Style with Gloria Noto

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Though Gloria’s professional work is in the beauty industry (she’s the founder of one of our favorite beauty brands–Noto Botanics!), we couldn’t help but take note of her personal style.

She was a self-described “punk kid,” and we love the way small notes of that edge still peek through in her mature and classically cool style today.


What are you wearing and why is it a reflection of your personal style?

My personal style switches gears by the day, honestly. I like to flow with a mood or a character at times. What I am wearing here is a reflection of my needing to get errands done around NYC (on foot!) and I’m ready to plug into a cafe at any given moment to get some emails done. It’s slowly starting to become fall in the city, so I wanted a jacket that felt light, smart, and had big pockets for my phone, headphones, and my NOTO rooted oil roller to calm me down whenever I need. You can say this look is quite utilitarian (for me).

How do you use clothing to express yourself?

For me, and many, clothing is an expression of my mood, what I care about, and how I like to spend my money. I try to make my expression say sustainability, authenticity, and point of view. In this case, I tend to buy a lot of vintage, or items by young designers making big change in the fashion industry.

You are a makeup artist turned beauty entrepreneur with your company, Noto Botanics. Which comes first when getting ready — makeup or clothes?

Always skincare and makeup. That to me is the identification marker for my mood. Even if all it is is mascara, it’s still setting the tone for what my look will pull towards. It’s hard for me to get dressed without seeing my skincare or makeup on first…this may sound funny, but whenever I try doing it that way, nothing seems to work when I try to get dressed.

dore gloria noto street style

dore gloria noto street style

Most recent thing you’ve encountered that has influenced your style?

The Collina Strada fashion show. A good reminder about how polluting the fashion industry is and to keep supporting those trying to make change in that aspect. Also, my partner makes custom suiting for women – Suited Atelier. To me, having a few staple pieces that are tailored to my body – done in a slow fashion but personalized way is so special. I like to go out in a full suite, or break up the pieces for fun.

Best thing you’ve read recently?

Burn this Place Down: A Memoir, by Iliana Regan

One item that, instantly, makes you feel “put together”?

Black boots

Do you have daily jewelry pieces? If so what are they and what is their meaning to you?

I do! I actually never take my jewelry off – I find a few pieces and keep them on for years. I have a glass eye ring from The Great Frog that I haven’t taken off in about six years. Lately, I have been collecting pieces from my friend Jess Hannah‘s line (J. Hannah) – each pinky has one of her pieces on. One hand has silver rings and one hand has gold rings. I like the balance of the two. I also love that my friend is the designer, so when I look at them they feel special and close to my heart. In my ears, I have a few gold and silver tiny hoops locked into each ear. When I was a kid, I had gauged ears and they never quite shrunk back to normal, so I took advantage and now have about 4 or 5 hoops in each one. I like this look, it keeps me connected to my younger punk self in a tiny cute way. Also, around my neck I generally have about 3 chains on at all times, thin and delicate and different lengths, and always gold.


Add yours
  • I tend to go for simple looks and I have a sustainable approach to clothing. So I make sure I don’t waste money on clothes I won’t wear and I practice Feng Shui: when I buy a new piece, I give it away to a friend or relative or sell it on eBay.
    And of course nice but very discreet makeup and jewelry and it makes me feel great, even if I stay home working. The most important thing is to look nice for yourself first before than others.

  • The blogs you produce are really of good quality. I love to read your writings and shall come again to check out the latest posts.
    Love My Fashions

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