A Street Style With Jaycina Almond

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You might have seen this beautiful face pop up a few times on our site this past month. Jaycina was the lovely model that traveled down with us to Chile to shoot this Vince piece with us. Along the way we fell in love with this model and mom. Me, especially, when I regretted not bringing a hat to the shoot (that was out in the sun all day), and Jaycina chiming in, “oh! I have one here! I also have almonds and water and snacks. Oh, and oreos. I’m a mom, I always have everything.” Of course, I wore Jaycina’s hat and ate all her snacks.

On top of having envious style, Jaycina is launching a startup, Tender, directed towards mothers. Below, she talks more about her style and Tender…



Describe your style in 3 words.
Model meets mom.

You’re a mother of a two year old daughter. How has your style changed after becoming a mom?
My style hasn’t necessarily changed, but I have put comfort first now over everything and I always have extra stuff on hand now, like hats and socks! LOL. Also everything had to be nursing-friendly up until a couple months ago, so that kinda limited certain things for me.

Speaking of moms, you’re creating a startup specifically for them called, Tender. Can you tell us a bit about it and what inspired it?
Yes! Tender is a subscription box service for all four trimesters of pregnancy (the 4th being postpartum!) – each box is a collection of self-care tools and essentials, hand selected for modern women as they journey through pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. I got the idea for Tender because I became enamored with pregnancy and labor and just everything when I got pregnant with Syx. I read every book, article, forum post! Ina May Gaskin was my hero during this time! I really loved learning everything I could about what was going on with my body and my baby. It was obsessive.

After Syx was born I realized my passion was still there, pregnant women were reaching out to me for advice via Instagram and IRL. I was like ok! I’ll get into birth-work! But I had a newborn and being a doula or a midwife is pretty demanding, so I had to figure out a way to funnel this passion into something I could do right now and that is how I got to Tender. I would have loved to have a box full of natural + artisan goodies curated to elevate the experience show up to my door when I was pregnant.

Does Syx dress herself yet? Do you see her sense of style already emerging?
Syx loves to undress herself right now! She absolutely hates wearing clothes and it’s probably my fault because I love her little squishy body so much, I rarely put clothes on her if we are in the house. She has taken her shirt off while we are at my workout session, at dinner, on a plane. I’ve learned to just go with it.


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