A Street Style with Juliana Salazar

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I am wearing a very airy white eyelit Sandy Liang dress with Adidas sneakers, white calf socks, and a straw bag. I think the contrast between a very girly dress and my more boyish lower half (white socks + sneakers) + straw bag reflects my style pretty accurately. It seems pretty random but just the perfect amount of all the things I love. I love pairing things that wouldn’t normally go together and contrasts in general, for example how this sandy Liang dress has long black string accents that give an otherwise very angelic dress some edge. Or how my rather beachy bag has nothing to do with my sportier footwear choice. I always joke around that the most Miami thing about me is that I love to wear all white, so you’ll often see me in that.

No matter how many other things I have in my closet, if I’m ever in a rut an oversized button down saves the day. I love how versatile they are. And so reliable! You can style it to be perfect for almost any occasion and they never feel old.

I would say fashion is what is presented to you, and style is how you interpret or apply that information. Style is whether you choose to follow a trend or not, or how you incorporate the items (the fashion) designers are putting out there into your existing wardrobe. Your style is unique whereas fashion is for everyone.

I’m a much more practical dresser living in New York. I’ve always opted for comfort and versatility when it comes to the things I wear and buy, but I definitely do not own as many heels as I used to. I grew up in Miami so I used to be all about super high heels. I actually realized the other day as I was getting ready for a formal party that I barely own heels anymore. In New York I’m always running around the city and I love to walk so I need to be in shoes that allow me to do that. I also hate carrying around too many things so I don’t do the whole sneakers for my commute and then change thing.

Follow along with Juliana Salazer and her style here.

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