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We couldn’t resist including one last fashion focused image from our trip to Charlotte. Kelly was at the BBQ and kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions about her style for us. She recently move from New York to Oaxaca and we are all a little bit jealous.


“When I left New York, I sold or gave away 80% of my wardrobe — keeping only the most core, most special, most ‘me’ pieces. It was such a lovely cleansing and a great reminder that my style really hasn’t changed much over the course of my life.

Living in Oaxaca has made me obsessed with the life cycle of the things I use. My house there is designed toward a zero-waste goal, and I’m becoming increasingly obsessed with natural materials, plant dyes, and creative reuse. And color! Why deny yourself its joy?!

Most of the time I’m making paintings and sculptures — so I spent the entire winter in vintage twill jumpsuits, covered in pigment and clay. But it’s so hot in Mexico right now that lately I’m just in a swimsuit all day. Nevertheless, I love having an excuse to get dressed up, so this trip to Charlotte was a welcomed escape. Glamour can be good medicine!

My mom has always been a ruthless editor — and I would have definitely become a hopeless hoarder without her influence. Growing up, she required us to clean out every closet, every drawer, everyTHING, every six months. And if we hadn’t used it within that six month cycle, it was gone. This taught me not to be attached to possessions, but also that every object has energy: and the more you let them pile up, the more they block your flow.

I think the philosopher Alan W. Watts said it best: “The rule of fashion is: who can conform fastest?” You live more when you own less. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been liberated from trends. I understand and accept who I am better everyday, and that makes getting dressed both simpler and more enjoyable. It’s guided by looking inwards, not outwards. It’s an awareness and celebration of self.”

– Kelly Framel as told to Atelier Doré

Check out Kelly’s newly launched site (as of yesterday!) here and follow along on her Instagram here.

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  • I love the things you share! The idea of cleaning things every six months makes sense! I am doing this for the last two or three years and feel so happy! I love the dress!

  • Sevan May, 7 2018, 7:25 / Reply

    “On vit mieux quand on possede moins.” Ma philosophie depuis toujours.

  • Ohayon May, 7 2018, 11:27 / Reply

    Je suis en extase devant la robe portée de Kelly. Serait-il possible d’en connaître la marque? Merci!

  • Veronica May, 7 2018, 12:37

    Kelly’s dress is by Peter Pilotto. xx

  • What a great change to pack it in and move to Mexico . It’s on my radar ,not just yet ! As we age we develop our own style and trends are for others ie; the young !
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