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Kyly Zak Rabin is the co-founder of Zak.–a one-stop shop for all your optical needs. As a lifelong daily glasses wearer (with a horrible prescription!!), I was immediately intrigued. Zak. brings together the concepts of eye-care and eyewear, eliminating the need for separate appointments, sad doctor’s offices, and up-charged medical costs. With Zak., you’ll walk out with a comprehensive eye exam (with a health-first perspective), a new pair of frames, and having had a peaceful experience in a chic, light-filled space–all in the matter of hours! Pretty cool, if you ask me!

But, back to Kyly–the brains behind all of this! Not only does she have fab frames, she also has fab style. We caught up with her in NYC last week to hear more…


Describe your style in 3 words.

Minimal, timeless, modern.

What is your ideal outfit or uniform?

13 Bonaparte denim pants, agnès b. button-up or Lily Ashwell tee, vintage jacket (usually “borrowed” from my mom), a great pair of slides or my black Nikes and a Zak. frame (currently The Round Clear). I’m on my feet all day at the store, so comfort is key!

Who are your style icons?

My dad (and business partner), Dr. Myles Zakheim. He is so unabashedly himself. He wears his signature vest and ascot daily. When I was younger, it was all zoot suits. Our tastes are dramatically different, but the honesty and confidence in his strong sense of personal style is just the best and so refreshing.

atelier dore kyly zak rabin street style

atelier dore kyly zak rabin street style

How does living in LA/ your work influence your style?

As an LA native, I inherently have a California aesthetic, wearing simple, relaxed yet refined silhouettes and fabrics. I gravitate towards denim and linen in neutral colors. I accent my wardrobe with varying glasses, which are typically a reflection of my mood. I love wearing our products – eyewear comes to life on a face and is an extension of personal style.

The beauty of owning a business in LA is that you can be working all the time, but still get to soak up the sunlight just outside your doorstep. That was a huge influence when designing the Zak. space – finding ways to incorporate natural elements and of course bright, flattering light!

How is your eyewear incorporated into your look? And–as a fellow glasses wearer–do you believe them to be an underrated accessory?

Eyewear is definitely underrated, considering for many people (including myself), it’s a critical component of everyday life. Sight allows us to be in awe and aware. From seeing, to sun protection or blocking blue light from our computer screens, we all have daily and essential eyewear needs. I truly believe that glasses should be as interchangeable as shoes. There are varying styles for every occasion, and at Zak., we not only designed the perfect everyday options under our label, but also carry unique styles from hard-to-find handcrafted labels when you want to make even more of a statement.

I wear prescription glasses and/or sunglasses every day, mixing up shapes and styles concurrently with my wardrobe, state of mind and environment. Inspired by my mom, who loves a sunglass inside, I’m really into a tinted lens that is light enough to wear day-to-night.

What was the inspiration for starting Zak. and in what ways is the company seeking to revolutionize the eye industry?

We are streamlining the process to provide a seamless one-stop shop for your eyes. At Zak., we believe in eye care done better from a systematic, aesthetic, and educational approach. Our ethos, design, culture, products and services are created and presented to encourage all people to consider their eyes. Your eyes are the windows to your soul, and we’re eager to help everyone – not just those with prescription needs – get a little more soulful.

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