A Street Style with Lauren Bucquet

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We have been fans of Lauren Bucquet and her Labucq shoes since they first hit the market last year. So it’s no surprise we were excited to hear she has a pop up right around the corner from us at 2 Rivington until October 20th. We stopped by to not only photograph the ever fashionable Lauren, but to snap some photos of her boots…. to boot!



Describe your style in 3 words or phrases.
Calm and playful.

Who or what influences your style? Any style icons?
A lot of times I unconsciously absorb certain looks or feelings from runways and find myself looking for my version of it in vintage.

No specific style icons, I like them all! I love when someone just really goes for it, wearing a full look that is totally out of the norm. It’s inspiring and pushes us all forward.

What is your ideal outfit or uniform?
One classic piece (today it’s my black blazer), one unique item to twist the look (blue socks mixed with my Labucq 70’s brown Kitty loafers), simple gold jewelry, and a great fitting pair of jeans.

A Street Style with Lauren Bucquet

What inspired you to create your own brand? Do you feel that Labucq reflects your own personal style?
I hadn’t seen a direct-to-consumer brand with a truly designer sensibility, with a feeling for and respect for fashion. At the same time, I acknowledged in my own life, I was shopping online more and more.

More than an inspiration, I launched Labucq because I felt confident I could fill a gap in the market. My own past and sensibility let me make product comparable to the contemporary designer market, which I knew would be better than the D2C brands who mostly look down on or don’t “get” fashion, and at the same offer that product at a lower markup; which gave me an advantage over my designer peers in the wholesale market.

Labucq absolutely reflects my point of view, but this is not, in business terms, a defensible advantage. People can rip you off really fast these days. I guess I started because I really believed it would work, and so far it’s been really good!

As a shoe designer, do you find yourself getting dressed from the shoes up?
Absolutely, but sometimes it’s the opposite. It’s crazy how impactful a simple shoe change can be. Putting on something like a lime patent sandal can make me so happy and make years-old clothes feel new again.

What is the most coveted item in your closet?
My family heirloom jewelry — it makes me feel grounded knowing where they came from and the responsibility I have in owning them.

What is most important to you: comfort, beauty or innovation?
Is it too much to ask for all three?

A Street Style with Lauren Bucquet

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  • Antonymous November, 2 2019, 2:17 / Reply

    Hi, I find your blue socks really stylish with your loafers and how they match your blue jeans. If I remember before the sockless 2000’s it was common place for a woman to wear socks even with flats or heels as long as the pants mostly covered their top hem when standing or walking, it then became sort of taboo with any non sporty shoe.

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