A Street Style With Lola Bessis

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I wouldn’t say I have only one style. It really fluctuates with my mood. It can be very boyish or feminine, edgy or very simple, from designers or H&M… there is no rule.

But I’m a story teller and an actress so I like to play different characters through my style and I love clothes that have a story. That’s why I like vintage so much.

I used to love clothes from the 1960s and early 1970s. Now I’m more into the next decades from the late 1970’s through the early 1990’s. From the disco era to the hip-hop era. I just bought some glitter flare trousers in Berlin, I have plenty of oversize graphic T-shirts, grunge pieces and 1990’s hiphop sportswear. I like to mix those with classy pieces or designer pieces.

I always try to take risks and have fun. I don’t want to dress like everybody else.

I also like to bring clothes from my travels or wear stuff that belonged to my mom or my grandma or even my dad.

My must-have wardrobe items are overalls and jumpsuits! Jumpsuits are a statement by themselves. They’re perfect for lazy days. Overalls are great to wear on top of vintage oversized T-shirts. They give them a shape. They’re also cool with classical blouses that could be too formal by themselves but they become cool with an overall on top of them.

I also have a suede jacket from the 1970’s that belonged to my grandma when she was taking part in the feminist protests. I need to get it cleaned but I’m too scared it would get damaged…

Style and fashion are opposites. Fashion is about following the trends, it’s universal. Style, on the other hand, is personal. It’s about breaking the trends, breaking the rules.

I love LA style because it’s very casual and cool at the same time. I always bargain hunt at the small flea market in Silverlake.

I don’t over think my style when I’m in LA. I use the first things I put my hands on in my closet and mix them. Sometimes it creates weird combinations but that’s what I like. Makes me think of the style of Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) in Love (Netflix). Very LA!

Of course, the weather also has its role to play. There are so many things I cannot wear in Paris because it’s too cold!

Lola Bessis as told to Atelier Doré

Lola is a multi-hyphenate Parisian who co-wrote, co-directed, produced and starred in her feature film debut, Swim Little Fish Swim, a love letter to New York with a French twist. After screening at over 80 film festivals in 2013 and 2014, the film was nominated for numerous Best Feature and Jury awards (including SXSW) as well as released theatrically in the US. Lola will next be seen co-starring in Freemantle’s mini-series remake of the Australian cult classic, Picnic at Hanging Rock, as Mme. Dianne de Poitiers. Go Lola, go!

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