A Street Style with Luisa Laemmel

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I find summer dressing a lot more difficult than fall or spring dressing (I’m not even discussing winter dressing because winter dressing is simply avoiding frostbite at any expense).

I find summer dressing more difficult because you really have to edit the outfit well. Every piece counts because there is a whole lot less of them.

Our lovely Christina is the queen of summer dressing because she’s also the queen of editing anything fashion related (duh). So when the lovely Luisa Laemmel showed up to our Summer Essentials shoot and Christina was struck by her off-duty model look, you know we had to snag a photo of it.

Luisa seamlessly pulled off the minimal-clothes-but-extreme-attention-to-detail-look. From the delicate belt, to the cool sneakers and even the practical and cute hat, we were all applauding from the sidelines as Bogdana photographed away.

What are your tricks for a well edited summer wardrobe?

dore street style luisa laemmel

dore street style luisa laemmel


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  • Linda B Kerr August, 14 2019, 9:13 / Reply

    I stick to a lot of linen. ( I accept the wrinkles.) I don’t work in the summer, but I am very active, with walking and bicycling. My main outfit this summer has been blue denim cut-off Levi’s, a black or white tank top, and a men’s shirt, often white, sometimes blue and white striped. I wear red Pumas or orange Birkenstocks. Linen dresses for going out….

  • Les accessoires !
    Et les belles matières, les belles couleurs, tout ce qui fait qu’une tenue minimaliste va être “wahou” !
    En tout cas, je valide à 100% les premières lignes de cet article et je confirme que ça a longtemps été compliqué pour moi de bien m’habiller l’été !!!


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