A Street Style with Maggie Holladay

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Describe your style in three words.

Masculine, tailored, understated, modern. Sorry, that’s four!

What is your ideal outfit or uniform?

I’m very much a uniform dresser; it might be the plaid skirts and polo shirts I was forced to wear for ten years growing up. You will always find me in trousers and a white t-shirt. I can always dress that look up or down with a chic shoe or a trashed converse!

Where do you like to shop?

I have actual dreams where I shop strictly at Barney’s. But in reality, it’s mostly vintage and eBay.
A lot of times, I have certain pieces that I know I want from designers, so I’ll seek them out. In that case mostly Dries, Old Celine, The Row, and Prada.

Who are your style icons?

Besides this instagram account @sciuraglam (which is just really chic grandmas), I don’t really have one. I think that when you get so invested in someone else’s style, is just warps how you dress and you forget how to be yourself…

dore street style with maggie holladay

New or vintage?

Masculine or feminine?

Sweet or salty?

Coffee or tea?

Beach or mountains?
Mountains with easy lake access

Taxi or subway?

East Coast or West Coast?

Denim or leather?
Love all things leather, besides a motorcycle jacket
But also, Vintage Levis…

Cook or order-in?
Order in – I’m on a first name basis with the delivery guy from Supper!

dore street style with maggie holladay

dore street style with maggie holladay

At eighteen, Maggie Holladay moved to New York on her own, without a career path or a high school degree. After assisting fashion stylists for five years, she’s finally found her passion in vintage and antique furniture! She is the founder and curator of Claude Home, an Instagram-based vintage furniture destination and interior design service. Here at the studio, we’re all a bit obsessed with Maggie’s pieces and urge you to follow along if you’re in the market for serious design inspo. She’s also an inspiring example of a true-NY-make-it-work story and we’re excited to see her out there workin’ it!


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