A Street Style with Maggie Marilyn

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Can you describe what you’re wearing and how it reflects your personal style?

Maggie Marilyn: I am wearing our “It’s up to you” dress. I love wearing colour. I feel colour has the power to uplift your spirit when you are getting dressed in the morning. I am wearing this silk bias dress with Veja sneakers as I love pairing something more dressy with something casual.

How do you approach getting dressed every morning?

I dress to my mood. Sometimes I feel like being more tomboy–boyfriend jeans and a great blazer are my go to. And sometimes, I love a bright dress with a red lip, especially when the sun is shining.

Can you explain a bit about your brand and why sustainability in fashion is so important to you?

Sustainability is an inbuilt mindset, culture and lifestyle; for me, it is the heart of the company. I believe the core of all design is problem-solving and fashion is no exception. Our passionate team at Maggie Marilyn believe it is time to problem solve our way to an industry that we are proud to be a part of. An industry in which fair working conditions, legitimate living wages, and eco and ethical production are all the norm. We believe these should not be championed values, but values that all businesses are built upon. We are endlessly optimistic about the future and fiercely determined to create change.

we are dore maggie marilyn street style

Maggie Marilyn is the founder of her eponymous line of clothing, Maggie Marilyn. Born and raised in New Zealand, the nature has always been front and center in her mind. We respect her quest for sustainability and the transparency in her company’s production. The clothes being beautiful is just the cherry on top.


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  • Helena June, 24 2019, 1:26 / Reply

    I don’t understand the styles Doré promotes. Most of it feels like advertising for the people featured, i.e., but the clothes I’m wearing. But most of all I don’t relate to what I see. I don’t find it interesting, appealing, compelling or nice to look at. What happened to pretty? Is it gone? I doubt this comment will be published. Prove me wrong!

  • It’s a very unique and interesting street style with maggie marilyn. I like it.

  • Linda B. Kerr June, 25 2019, 9:22 / Reply

    It’s unique and interesting, but reminds me too much of how women must dress in some religious groups. Not my thing. I don’t find it flattering. Perhaps it’s also because I’m not a pastel person.

  • I love the green dress. The cut will flatter just about anyone, and the color is divine. I love how they pair it with the tennies too.

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