A Street Style with Megan and Cristina of Freda Salvador

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We know this is a weird time to be putting up content as usual, but we want to continue to support some of the small business that will be hit hardest by having to close shop for a few weeks. So we’d love to introduce you to the brand Freda Salvador and the two awesome women (and friends) who run it! Meet Megan Papay & Cristina Palomo-Nelson!

A Street Style with Megan and Cristina of Freda Salvador

How would you describe your style in three words?

Megan: Funky, laid back, eclectic. Not scared to mix a print…or two.
Cristina: Clean, modern, but interesting details.

Who is the woman you envision when designing for Freda Salvador?

Megan + Cristina: She is busy. She’s a positive force and always on the go. She has a unique sense of style and cares deeply about quality and who is making her products.

Who has influenced your style and why?

Megan: I was in middle school in the 80’s and high-school in the 90’s so I had two pretty amazing fashion decades back-to-back. Music inspired me, MTV inspired me. I was always drawn to the more artistic/offbeat characters, like Andie in Pretty in Pink and Watts in Some Kind of Wonderful.I was such a tomboy and loved surf and skate culture, but also loved the Grateful Dead and Reggae. Needless to say my style was interesting (and it hasn’t changed very much!) Now that I am in the fashion industry, I look to emerging designers a lot. I am in love with Bode, which is men’s, but so beautiful and unique.

Cristina: My mom. She’s always had impeccable style. She was a model, so her access to and interest in fashion was broad when as I was growing up. She still has so many (now vintage) pieces that she lets me borrow. Her style is classic but she has such great attention to detail on mixing interesting pieces. Layering jewelry, a cool belt, and statement shoes. I definitely get inspired by her!

A Street Style with Megan and Cristina of Freda Salvador

What is it like working and collaborating together as friends?

Megan+Cristina: It’s incredible. We both feel so lucky. We have the ability to bounce ideas off each other, but we also have the emotional support needed to survive running a small business. We have each other’s back at all times and always put FREDA first. We have become family and count on each in every aspect of our lives at this point!

What’s next for Freda Salvador?

Megan+Cristina: Man! If you had asked us a month ago we would have said a pop up in Texas this April, the launch of our Sit With Us series (which is taking a round table approach to panel conversations so everyone is part of the conversation), a May launch of handsewn Moccasins made in El Salvador, a September launch of a small leather goods, and another Pop Up (location TBD) in Q4. Now, it is all up in the air. Our Pop Up and Series is canceled until further notice and our new product launches are delayed indefinitely. So our new what’s next is continuing to engage and build our community online. We have so many amazing stories to tell about FREDA, like being women owned, handmade in Spain by true artisans, how we design each collection, how our shoes will last for season after season if you care for them. It’s feeling like a great reset. Slowing down and sharing the core of our business.

A Street Style with Megan and Cristina of Freda Salvador
A Street Style with Megan and Cristina of Freda Salvador


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  • Please please please keep putting up normal content… if you can.
    For those who are self isolating, the normality of our favourite blogs is so welcome.

    Stay well and safe all.

  • Beautiful, special pieces.

  • Thank you! Keep these coming…we need the distraction!! ??????

  • Jessica March, 18 2020, 2:34 / Reply

    Great piece!
    Please keep adding content! It’s a great source of inspiration while everyone is staying home!

  • Regular content, please! My nervous system is shot and I need a quiet place to go on the internet. Merci!

  • Anca Gaia March, 19 2020, 8:57 / Reply

    Such a breath of fresh air guys! Keep up the beautiful work you are doing!

  • Such a breath of fresh air! Keep up the beautiful work you are doing

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