A Street Style with Monroe Alvarez

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You might remember this gorgeous face from our Vince editorial we shot this past summer. Well, Monroe Alvarez happen to be in New York last week so we asked her to swing by the studio for a quick street style. Because while we love her face, we wanted you guys to see what she wears on a day to day basis when she’s not in front of the camera…. because we think it’s pretty damn cool…

How would you define your style?
Tomboy feminine.

You’re always on the move, either on a skateboard or shooting behind a camera. Does your day to day life affect how you dress?
I’ve always been a fan of breathing room in my clothes, especially when I’m working or skating. I hardly wear skin tight jeans or clothes that don’t have some stretch in them. I used to be really careless about how I dressed, putting zero effort into my daily maintenance. I was a bit of a rebel, hating the idea that girls needed to be dressed a certain way. As I’ve gotten older I’ve definitely refined it to be more put together and really embracing the feminine touch into the tomboy lifestyle.

I’ll never be the girl that wears something to look “sexy” or get attention from guys, I’ll always dress to where I feel sexy in my own way. I think the sexiest thing a girl can wear is an old vintage shirt or a button up with vintage Levis shorts or pants. Ive also really been into nice jewelry these days. I never wore jewelry until last year, I didnt even have my ears pierced until 9 months ago. But now I don’t leave the house without my earrings on and my nice necklaces. They always dress up my outfit no matter what I’m

A Street Style with Monroe Alvarez

Favorite brands or places to shop?
Some of my favorite pieces are from Burning Torch. They are based in Venice and I shoot for them a lot. I also love Jungmaven for a good hemp tee shirt.

Most valued item in your wardrobe?
Ohhh hmmm… I think it’s my necklace from Retrouvai that my boyfriend got me. I wear it every single day.

A Street Style with Monroe Alvarez


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  • Love her style, particularly the red blazer!

  • super inspired by Monroes hair. She’s so beautiful because she’s so natural. love love!

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira November, 3 2019, 3:26 / Reply

    GRLSWIRL Girl !!!
    Me ? Super Inspired by Everything Monroe does and wears and *rips ( *in the bowls and streets of Venice!!!)!!! Hands down!!!

    Bom Dia e uma Boa semana!!!

  • Ahhh, I love this street style story! It’s awesome to see a woman who has kept her gray hair. I plan on doing that when my gray pops up, so it’s nice to see real life style inspiration. Comfort & style can totally go together, I agree Monroe!

  • Melissa Laurel November, 6 2019, 1:32 / Reply

    I stopped coloring my hair about a year and a half ago. It’s amazing what an emotionally turbulent journey our hair can take us on! It’s only hair! And yet there is so much more to it – the American disdain for getting older, and by all means, you can’t LOOK older too. Most days I appreciate the journey. Other days I struggle and wonder if I should go back. It is very empowering to see a beautiful, talented, vibrant woman with grey hair featured in arenas like this one that I value. Thank you!

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