A Street Style with Naomi Elizee

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I’m always really impressed by someone who can pull off fashion like it’s *no big thing*. Naomi is definitely one of those people. She knows how to mix…colors, patterns, shapes, high, low, and make an outfit that looks daring but totally natural and comfortable at the same time. The girl knows her stuff. We caught up with her on the street the other day to chat and take photos…

Describe your style in 3 words or phrases.
Downtown, eclectic and comfortable

What are you wearing in this image and how does it reflect your personal style?
I am wearing a yellow Beaufille dress, a Tie-Dye top from Aritzia layered under (to add a fun element to the look) and paired it with my favorite knee-high boots from Balenciaga! My personal style changes from day to day, depending on my mood, but this look in particular reflects my style down to the “T” because I am polished all while wearing my favorite silhouettes such as a structured dress and a power boot!

What are you excited about (if anything) in fashion right now?
I am excited for the young talent that is thriving in the industry and making their designs known! Some young designers I am eyeing (that are absolutely killing it) include Christopher John Rogers, Asai Takeaway, Charlotte Knowles and Kenneth Ize.

What is your most treasured item in your closet?
This is a tough one! My most treasured item in my closet will have to be my thrifted vintage Jean Paul Gaultier button up…It has cut outs and ruching! it will definitely be a staple in my closet for this summer.



Who are you style icons?
Naomi Campbell, Miuccia Prada and Aleali May.

What is your ideal outfit or uniform?
I do not have an ideal uniform as my style transforms each day and/or occasion but one thing I am confident in is I that I have a great eye for what works for me and what I feel comfortable in. I’m always looking for pieces that bring me joy; pieces that are classic and will be in my closet for years to come. At the end of the day, my ideal outfit is something I will ultimately feel good in!

What is most important to you- comfort, beauty or innovation?
I can’t choose one as I feel comfort and innovation are both very important to me. Even if a piece of clothing or shoe may look beautiful, if it is not comfortable I will not buy it. Everything I buy is bought with intention and I will not buy something that may bring me discomfort down the road of wearing it. You do not have to sacrifice comfort to look good! On the other hand, there will be no fashion without innovation! Our industry thrives on new and exciting ideas and it is important to continue to support innovation as the future of fashion depends on it.


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  • Jessica May, 22 2019, 1:07 / Reply

    Other than the fact that these are all Actual Designer pieces, this look is incredibly Portland: Sturdy but stylish boots. A warm (it protects your neck!) dress in an earthy color with some interest in terms of seaming. A little detail that straight up says “Yeah, I’m OK with hippies.” And some crafty, slightly eclectic jewelry.
    Seriously, this outfit has walked the streets of Portland every day for the 12 years I’ve lived here.
    Glad to know it’s fashion, now!

  • Naydeline May, 22 2019, 10:13 / Reply

    I love Naomi! Great to see her featured on the site.

  • Definitely my favourite colour this year.
    “Moutarde”, comme le disent les Frenchies.

  • She is so gorgeous! Naomi has such a wonderful sense of style. I’m in love with this outfit. The dress is simply divine and the sleeves add a visual interest to this look. Gorgeous shades for spring, I love mustard.

  • Wow! Great colours and style.

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