A Street Style with Pia Zanardi

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Meet Pia! She’s the founder and designer of Yali Tribe. In her own words, Yali was born from my time living in China– a celebration of their craftsmanship and history, which I strive to combine with my Italian heritage. The collection is made of very specific textiles, rare to find and which require specific skills to make.” Read on to learn more about Pia and Yali!

How would you describe your style in three words?

Colorful, classic, tranquil.

Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration and genesis of your brand Yali Tribe and who or what do you look at for inspiration when designing for Yali?

I gather my the inspiration by living the modern life and rediscovering the old world, objects’ shapes, like Caron’s old bottles of perfumes from the 30s, or colors combinations used in the antique, for each collection, I also very much look at my family garments which were handed down from generation to generation, including my great grand father smoking shirts and blazers, my nonna’s couture gowns, and sartorial tailor suits and coats from my father and my mother.

What is next for you and Yali?

My main mission is to keep making, collection made of a small quantity of highly crafted and meaningful garments, which because of the quality and structure that are made of will be treasured and become a timeless wardrobe staples to be passed on to the next generation.

You can follow Yali on Instagram here!

A Street Style with Pia Zanardi

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