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We are soaking up every last bit of summer’s easy, breezy vibes. With that in mind, we’re easing up on the content and giving you a week of killer summer street styles because, #SummerForever. We hope you enjoy while beachside :) First up, Renee Peters!

I am wearing an 80s Armani Linen Blazer with my favorite summer pants by Elizabeth Suzanne, a Reformation tube top, and a Lauren Manoogian Crochet Bowl Bag. This look really highlights the dual sides my personality and my personal style. I love paring Reformation (for my sexy, womanly side that wants a good fit and to show a bit more skin), and Elizabeth Suzanne (for my minimalist side who likes comfort and versatility). I have been told this pairing is really unexpected, but I think it suits my personality perfectly. I too have a sexy, fun side as well as a minimal, practical side. Why not highlight them both and truly be me? I also tend to favor more neutral colors, classic fits and, and natural fabrics because they are always in style, and last much, much longer than trendy pieces from synthetic fabrics.

Sustainable fashion is important to me because the environment and wildlife are so near and dear to my heart. When I was a kid I wanted to be a marine biologist or a park ranger. When I started modeling after school, that love for nature didn’t go away. I also learned, four years ago, that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world… Fast-fashion and textile waste being a huge part of it. I found that being mindful with my clothing purchases, only buying secondhand or sustainable fashion brands, was a really fun and easy way I could incorporate environmentally-friendly practices into my life. A blend of my two worlds… my passions and my career.

If you want to increase your sustainability I always suggest getting over your fear of thrifting, consignment shopping, and second-hand clothes. There are so many amazing pieces out there. Many of them worn only once or twice by their previous owner, and lots with tags still attached. I have personally found some of my favorite pieces when consigning, like my Armani blazer, and it feels much more special wearing them because no one else will have it. I also recommend doing a clothing swap with your friends, once or twice a year, and getting new pieces that way. It’s another way to get sustainable pieces, while having fun with your friends, and absolutely free! Check out my clothing swap how-to with the Frontlash here.


Renee Peters is a model who is using her platform to reshape the way people think about the environment and their role in protecting it. She launched Model4greenliving to provide practical tips and everyday actions that encourage mindful, sustainable living. You can find Renee Peters on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

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  • Gabrielle August, 21 2018, 12:18 / Reply

    I would’ve loved to see a couple other shots/angles of this outfit! There’s been a few of these types of posts lately about showing street style but we don’t even get to see the full look. More photos please! :)

  • Hi Gabrielle,

    Will keep that in mind!

    Our Street Style category usually includes only one photo with some rare exceptions. While Style Story posts are a closer look at person’s style, that has more details and looks :)

  • CHINA ALEXANDRIA AUTHOR August, 21 2018, 6:18 / Reply


  • Love to see sustainable + secondhand fashion featured here! There’s definitely a slow fashion revolution happening, and I love knowing that style + activism are coming together! This is definitely the future of fashion. xo

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