A Street Style with Subrina Heyink

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“I am wearing an almost head to toe vintage outfit I sourced while looking for pieces for my vintage shop. The Hermès linen vest is something I found originally for the shop but it didn’t sell for a few months and I figured it was a sign. I have 5 of the same vintage Prada short sleeve turtlenecks and I wear them 4 days out of the week. My favorite piece is these vintage Hermès trousers that I paid wayyyy too much for but I have owned them for a while now and seem to wear them at least once a week. This vintage bag was something I bought for my shop but decided to keep even before listing them because it only cost $8. Finally, my slides are from Mansur Gavriel. I watched them since early last year and finally purchased them last Christmas in 2 colors because when I like something, I really like them.

My personal style has evolved a lot in the past two years. I have gone from having a million options to having 25-ish things in my closet that I really love. My style is one hundred percent me and reflects my mood. You can always tell when I’m in a good mood because of how I dress.

The most important quality in an outfit is comfort, always! For example, I’m wearing a cashmere coat and turtleneck with a linen vest, that is the height of comfort. I avoid buying itchy synthetic fabrics and garments that are too fussy because I have a toddler and there is nothing worse than wearing impractical clothes while trying to have a day out with a three year-old.

My necessities are straight leg, tailored wool trousers in the winter and perfect silk trousers for all other seasons. I get my favorite silk trousers from this wonderful brand called Elizabeth Suzann. I have to have a good coat that elevates any outfit. I currently own two silk dresses, one I’ve had for a year from Datura Studio and the other I got from Penny Sage. I can wear them in all seasons, layered or alone, bury me in silk dresses. And finally, give me all the mules!! I am notorious for buying mules in multiple colors if I like them. I have two of the same mules from Trademark, Mansur and MNZ, I know what I like and I only buy what I like. It makes me feel good and it makes life less complicated.”

– Subrina Heyink for Atelier Doré


Our vintage needs only escalate every time we peep Subrina’s online vintage store. Check it out here, along with her Instagram for more vintage forward style.

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  • Vintage clothing is going to be the wave of the
    future . Many want to look great in designer duds but it’s impossible. The price of these garments is becoming more and more out of reach for the most . Although you can find great stores that you can shop at for much less . The other and more important to me is personal style . Style and creativity flourish when you take away trends, and marketing !
    Be Creative shop vintage !
    Dress The Part

  • Belle allure, tres elegante.

  • Chrissie Dyson April, 16 2018, 1:45 / Reply

    I love charity shops. My best designer finds are a black Giorgio Armani coat (£12.50), Celine Luggage bag (£5.50) and a Tory Burch Robinson bag (6.50). I live in hope that I will one day find a Hermes scarf :) 75% of my wardrobe is second hand. Yesterday I picked up a M&S limited collection striped dress (2.00), a maxi dress from studio by preen (7.00), linen and lace tunic (4.99), white summer blazer (2.49). The only brand I don’t buy is Primark because I swear its dearer second hand. I do regular wardrobe purges and send to charity shops too. I love the fact that you never know what you’re going to find, its fun!

  • Maureen April, 16 2018, 2:23 / Reply

    I too buy shoes that I love in multiples. Usually two exactly the same no even different shades. Hate the thought of shoes I love clapping out. This way I can be a little rough on one pair knowing I have a spare!

  • Carla Lopes April, 16 2018, 4:40 / Reply

    Loved every bit of this piece!

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