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You might remember Tina from this gorgeous Style Story we shot with her last year. We first met her on our Marrakech retreat in 2017, and instantly fell in love with her infectious kindness and creative spirit!

She is an artist and sculpts her own line of handmade, resin homewares with organic contours and beautiful colors. And her personal style feels deeply intertwined with her artist’s perspective.

When we found out that she was joining us again for our Art of Self-Discovery retreat in Chile this past Fall, we were beyond excited! And it was such a delight to dive even deeper with her. We’re so lucky to call her a dear friend and are thrilled to have her back on the site!


We saw you on the site about a year ago. How has your style changed or evolved since then?
I don’t think my style has changed much since then. I did get my long hair lopped off last September and it was sort of cathartic – I felt a lot lighter and freer afterwards. I felt like I wanted to simplify my life in general, but I think my overall style has stayed the same. I still like a background of simple timeless basics with color or something interesting thrown into the mix to add some interest. I did find myself embracing the ugly sneaker trend, but they are just so incredibly comfortable that I just couldn’t say no.

What was your biggest takeaway from being a part of The Art of Self-Discovery retreat?
I felt an amazing sense of love, warmth, and camaraderie from the most incredible group of women. It was so nice to be able to share insight and provide support for each other, and to learn about meditation and astrology at the same time. Every single person was so unique and accomplished in their own way. I continue to be inspired and in awe with how memorable that week we shared together was.

And what role has self-discovery played in your life?
It reminded me of the importance of taking care of myself from the inside, since it is so easy to get wrapped up in work, stress, social media, etc. We forget how to stop and take a breath. I have continued to meditate almost everyday and even signed up for a silent meditation retreat in April, and I am looking so forward to exploring this even more. I think the introduction on the retreat really kick-started how important it is to remember to reflect, be mindful, gain awareness, and a healthy perspective on my thoughts and feelings.

You’re someone who is not afraid of color. What role does color play in both your personal style and your resin work?
I love the way color can have an impact on mood. For example, yellow is one of my favorite colors, and you can’t help but feel cheery when you see a color that reminds you of a smiling happy face. It adds an element of surprise, depending on how you put things together. My philosophy is to always have good basics in minimal colors like navy blue, grey, black, or white. But, having some pop of color to mix things up can alter how you feel. It is hard not to feel smiley on a grey rainy day when you feel like walking sunshine! Wearing head to toe monochrome pink on occasion can also be fun! This also applies to my work since it can have the same effect on interiors too and how you feel in your home with a pop of color.

Your resin work feels at once both organic/ free-form and also clean/ minimalist – not an easy juxtaposition to achieve. Do these concepts feel like tenants of your overall design (personal style/ artistic work) philosophy?
Yes, that is very much my design philosophy. I like to keep things simple, minimal, and clean…but it just can’t be too perfect. I really like the idea of wabi-sabi, where there is beauty in imperfection. It is this unexpected that makes things interesting.

Last year, you mentioned Phoebe Philo as one of your style icons. In the wake of her absence at Celine, who are some other designers or artists you’re feeling inspired by lately?
Like many fans, I have to admit I had to stock up on old Céline since learning of Phoebe’s departure! The amazing thing is that I am still wearing the same things from over the years, including the first season, and mixing them with my other favorite basics from Uniqlo, COS, Gap, or H&M. I still love mixing high and low and find it quite fun. I am currently totally mesmerized by the artist Hlima af Klint. I recently went to the exhibition at the Guggenheim in New York and it was even more amazing than I remembered when I first saw her work at the Centre Pompidou in Paris in 2016. I feel completely entranced and inspired by her use of color and the curves in her paintings; it is rather other-worldly.

Turtleneck, Muji
Pants, Theory
Sneakers, Louis Vuitton
Shearling Coat, Anne Vest
Socks, Tabio

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