An Ode to Editing Your Wardrobe

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There is a video app called Marco Polo that my friends and I have abused a bit during quarantine. It essentially allows you to send videos back and forth to each other, and in the time of quarantine, seeing a face along with a message went a long way. Now that we are slowing starting to gather in small groups, our Marco Polo usage has taken on a different life, the “do we like this piece of clothing” life.

What used to be video updates on kids, dogs, and home furnishings, are now video updates from us trying on every piece of clothing we own and meticulously grooming our closets — like raking sand in a zen garden.

If the beginning of quarantine saw a surge in home improvements, I think the transition out of quarantine is seeing a surge in answering the question — what is the point of fashion?

When previously asked my opinion on a dress or a top from a few years past, I used to give my opinion simply based on the top in front of me. Yay or Nay. But now I find myself musing on bigger wardrobe questions such as “but is this supporting your overall style?” or “does it seamlessly flow with everything else in your wardrobe?” and “does it hinder or help you get dressed?”

I have always been one to champion a very edited wardrobe. When I look at my closet I want to love every piece in it because it makes getting dressed so. much. easier. And having spent 6 months wearing 5% of my closet and not being the least bit annoyed by it, makes me realize how one can really live out of a carry on sized suitcase for a very long time.

We always ask the people who we profile, “what’s your definition of style versus fashion?” Their answers never falter from some version of, “fashion is trend driven, style is timeless.”

Seems like now is the perfect time to hunker down and ask ourselves, what is our personal style? What do we feel most comfortable in? What do we reach for in our wardrobe over and over again? And then either edit, or send a bunch of Marco Polo videos accordingly…

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  • Great piece Veronica. Style is more important than fashion, for me it is what makes the difference between someone well dressed, and someone that inspires others through their clothing.

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