An Ode to… the Easy, Summer Dress

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Photos Devin Doyle

I almost never wear dresses. Most people who know me claim they have never seen me in a dress, a skirt, or really anything overtly feminine. The girly stuff just doesn’t feel like me. It’s not what I would choose.

Gosh, remember the concept of choosing? What am I going to wear to work today? What will I wear to this birthday party, this wedding, this walk outside of the house? Remember those thoughts? Now, I mostly choose what I’m going to wear from the bedroom to the living room and my options have become so streamlined that, honestly, I’m just really damn bored.

I guess it was boredom that made me want to shake things up a bit. When this project was assigned to me and I thought about the clothes that I was craving, a simple dress kept coming to mind. “WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE REAL CHRISTINA?” I thought to myself. But normalcy be damned, there’s just something nice about that one, easy, throw-it-on piece. It’s still comfortable and at least it’s a bit more polished than my usual t-shirt and jeans.

Many dresses were harmed in the making of this photo. Well not harmed, just quickly dismissed. Turns out I still can’t do the girly stuff. The ruffled and ruched options sent my boyfriend into fits of laughter (much to my dismay…). But, this tunic dress from Ven Store seems to suit my needs. It’s simple, elegant, and it doesn’t make me feel or look like a cupcake. In the pursuit of elevating my quarantine wardrobe, the easy, summer dress might be just the right fit…

Dress, Ven Store

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  • I see a lot of myself in this story hah! I only have 3 dresses in my wardrobe (same design, different color) and its the exact design as yours! loose fit but a deep v-neck. Love it!

  • I always enjoy your articles Christina & and love the pic

  • Carolyn Stuart May, 24 2020, 9:39 / Reply

    I enjoyed your piece. It also reminded me of Andrew Wyeth’s masterpiece, Christina’s World


    Take care. Stay safe.

  • Thank you for this article Christina. A year ago I realized that dress is a genius piece in a wardrobe — it’s a whole outfit! You need to dress it up with shoes and accessories, but there is no need for picking a top or a bottom. More and more often I wear dresses now.

  • beijinhos negro

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