At the Market

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I have this image of Jane Birkin burned into my mind. She’s wearing her now-classic basket bag with a big, furry coat. It’s a bit of a contradiction, since we typically associate baskets and other market-style bags with the summer. I absolutely love it. I always try to copy it. Honestly, I always try to copy all of Jane Birkin’s outfits (she’s epic, duh), but this one the most!



I guess the idea of Jane, and her cool style, and her unexpected winter bag, was kind of the inspiration for this whole shoot. W.W.J.W. (what would Jane wear! Should we make that a thing?).

At the Market
At the Market



However, there was another equally chic and French-feeling theme that came into play for this story, and that’s shopping at the food market (market totes at the market, you see where I’m going here?). How I wish I could be one of those cultured, together women who casually browses the farmer’s market and later whips up a delicious meal. Instead, I am a girl who exists primarily on take-out sushi. But it’s Nourishment Month, and a girl can set some goals! Perhaps if I owned one of these bags, I would go grocery shopping more? Just a thought…

At the Market



We brought the adorable Renata and some of our favorites totes to the Lower East Side’s Essex Street Market, NYC’s most historic market! The feeling of community at Essex Street Market was really nice and heartwarming to see in the city. The vendors are so sweet and knowledgable, you can tell they really take pride in what they do.

At the Market
At the Market
At the Market

Jacket, Lorod; Skirt, Theory; Bag, Trademark; Earrings, Mondo Mondo

Jacket, Tibi; Dress, Doen; Bag, Nanushka; Shoes, By Far
Dress, Doen, Bag, Cesta Collective; Earrings, Mondo Mondo
Cardigan, Liana; T-Shirt, NEED; Jeans, Simon Miller; Bag, Clare V; Boots, By Far
Jacket, Rouje; T-Shirt, Liana; Bag, Simon Miller; Jeans, Rouje


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  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira November, 9 2018, 10:50 / Reply

    There’s an expression in portuguese that goes like this:
    «os olhos também comem! » wich means : «The eyes also eat !»
    Congratualtions Bog, Chris and Renata !!!These are some Very Tasteful Images in every way!!!
    You can almost feel the market smells and Renata’s perfume, you know what i mean ?

  • The story turned out very French and I adore each look you pictured in this amazing market.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • Love this story. There’s no credit for the woven white lace top — who makes it? Been looking for something like it, reminds me of Isabel Marant.

  • Christina November, 9 2018, 3:13

    Hi Ash!
    It’s actually a dress. It’s from Doen :)

  • I’m an expat living in France. Today is market day in my town. All the women, old or young, chic or frumpy carry their market baskets and we’re in NOVEMBER! It still strikes me as odd, and I’ve been living here for over a decade. It’s just weird to see wool and palm or straw together in the same outfit. But, of course, for the French this a a functional object and has Nothing to do with fashion at all!

  • Great story! Like editorials we used to see here. Keep them coming.

  • Who says clothes and accessories have to match a season? Phooey! Wear what you like when you like!

  • Love the story but can’t find the last bag anywhere can you link a website that had it?

  • Christina November, 12 2018, 1:33

    Hi Theresa!

    The bag is from Simon Miller but it’s not is stores yet! It should be coming out on the website soon.


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