Brochu Walker’s Anti-It Woman

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When you think of an “Anti-It Woman,” you think of someone that transcends fads, trends and even the “it” restaurant of the moment. You think of a woman who is so self-assured and direct in her approach to life that her style is simply effortless, yet cool.

So what does an “Anti-It Woman” actually wear in her day to day life?

Cue Brochu Walker. Brochu Walker is a ‘conscious luxury’ fashion brand that perfectly pairs the effortlessness of the American lifestyle with just the right amount of European flair. They call it The New American Minimalism.

The mix of the two styles allows for feminine yet functional staples that help any woman navigate her day and night with confidence and ease.

One of our favorite Anti-It women is Maria Dueñas Jacobs. A former fashion editor at Elle turned mom of three young girls and Director of Brand Development at StitchFix, Maria is a quintessential Anti-It Woman.

We spent the afternoon talking to Maria about how she’s redefined her style as an Anti-It Woman while styling her in our favorite pieces from Brochu Walker’s latest collection.

I think we could all strive to be a little more “Anti-It,” with the help of Brochu Walker of course…

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Brochu Walker’s Anti-It Woman



Maria wears Brochu Walker’s Jolie Fringe Turtleneck and the Hahn Skirt above.

Comfort has always been important to me, but post-kids it is now a requirement. My flats and sneaker collections have definitely expanded to suit my morning school drop offs and walks to the office!



Maria wears Brochu Walker’s Tide Pant and Luci Sweatshirt above.

I really appreciate rich fabrics and tailoring. I always aim for my outfit to feel put together, but with a bit of an “effortless” look to it.

Brochu Walker’s Anti-It Woman



Maria wears Brochu Walker’s Walker Blouse and Hahn Skirt above.

Find common denominators within your own closet and your own daily looks. Embrace that and figure out how to elevate it. Create a bit of a repeatable format with your favorites. It will help define your style and it will also make it easier to get dressed in the morning!

Brochu Walker’s Anti-It Woman
Brochu Walker’s Anti-It Woman

Maria wears Brooch Walker’s Looker Vee Dress above.

Fashion moves so quickly and changes season-to-season. Style is personal and representative of your own tastes.

Brochu Walker’s Anti-It Woman



Brochu Walker’s Anti-It Woman

Maria wears Brochu Walker’s Drew Skirt and Marcel Vee above.


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