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As a forever glasses wearer, I’m such a huge fan of what a cool set of frames can do for a face. And I’m not embarrassed to admit that my photo library on my phone has a ton of very unflattering selfies of me trying on glasses and sending to Garance, or Josh, or my mom for feedback. Last year I upgraded to pair of acetate Moscot’s, but I love to change up my glasses every few years. I figure as my style evolves, my specs should too. Here are a few different styles and options that have caught my eye. (Get it? Ok, bad pun…)

The Half & Half: These half plastic, half metal frames have always screamed chic 50s secretary to me, in the best way possible.

The Inspector: A bit of a twist on some classics, these frames play with traditional shapes and materials for a bit more of a statement. These are not for the faint of heart!

The Wired: The wire rim frame! I think these may be next up on my purchase list. Geeky and cool at the same time; they kind of match my 80 year old woman trapped in a 20-somethings body thing I have going on.

The Statement: To me, these are the glasses classic. A frame with a bit of a cat eye edge, but not too round, always available in an array of colors--you can't really go wrong with these.


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  • Merci !
    Pour l’article et la sélection.
    Je suis contente car je porte des lunettes depuis petite et depuis quelques années les binocles sont à la mode.
    Bah oui on peut être à la mode et porter des lunettes. Surtout que dans plein de photos on me disait de les retirer “pour être jolie” et à mon mariage je les ai gardées je voulais être une belle mariée “à lunettes”

  • Quelle bonne idée cet article ! Moi aussi je prote des lunettes et je les adore !!

    Charles Ray and Coco

  • Hi Emily,
    I thought your glasses looked great on you!!!!! The ones I saw in Marrakech were super cool!

  • Thank you Tina!! I plan on holding onto those for a while :)
    x Emily

  • I am currently wearing a pair of statement glasses and I love them. I would like to switch it up to maybe a half and half pair. I love wearing my glasses during times that I want to take a break from contact lenses. Thanks for sharing.

    Andrea Fenise

  • I found out I had to wear glasses recently (at 28) and was initially so upset. But then I discovered (Australian eyewear chains) Oscar Wylee and Bailey Nelson, and splurged on 5 of the coolest, wildest and most colourful designs (bright red cat eye, lilac rectangle, tortoise shell round, clear perspex oval, black cat eye). They have now become my best accessory, and I always match them with my lipstick.

    However, my boyfriend and practically every other guy I know thinks they make me look completely insane. Hahah, I think its a girl thing.

  • I buy a lot of glasses that I wear as accessories (mind you, they’re real glasses with a very strong prescription). The only thing missing is my collection is a pair of prescription sunglasses but my vision is too strongly impaired to find one! Any suggestions?

  • Coucou,

    Magnifique tes photos !


  • What is the brand of first glasses from Half & Half part (transparent ones)? I was looking through Shop The Story part however there are different models from this one. But definitely this one stole my heart.

  • Et les premières du look Inspecteur ? Elles sont sublimes ! Merci pour cette sélection.

  • sandrine January, 10 2018, 5:46 / Reply

    je n’ai qu’un mot à dire: POLETTE (
    depuis que j’ai découvert l’usine à lunettes j’ai 4 paires que je change selon l’humeur et la garde robe!
    et mes filles aussi , vive les filles à lunettes , un accessoire de plus dans notre tenue on ne peut pas cracher dessus!

  • J’APPROUVE TOTALEMENT ! J’en porte une paire géniale sur le nez, je les achète un peu à la pelle vu le prix ! Go Polette !

  • Quel est le brand des premières lunettes du look Inspecteur ? Elles sont sublimes ! Merci pour cette sélection.

  • Katiti Crawford January, 11 2018, 11:59 / Reply

    Which are the glasses you are wearing in the picture? I LOVE those!

  • Je suis fan des “Le Specs”, cet article me fait penser à mes dernières illustrations sur insta !

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